Top 5 Best Video Gaming Consoles

If you love video games, every year brings in something new and exciting for you. Game developers and tech companies compete to release the best gaming hardware and software onto the market. Whether you are an avid gamer or you have a paper on video games, this article will help you explore the best gaming consoles for 2019.

In this volatile industry, it is not easy to rate the best products because developers work round the clock to beat each other to the market. However, some game consoles that stand out in 2019 include:

Xbox One X

When comparing different game consoles on the market, you not only look for a powerful gaming system, but multiple entertainment features. This is exactly what you get from the  Xbox One X. it is one of the most powerful console on the market. Better still, gamers have access to the most home entertainment center options. This is a smaller and more stylish than the One S and builds on the strengths of its predecessor.

You will get a 2.3GHz eight-core AMD Jaguar processor, AMD Polaris GPU with 6 teraflops of computer power, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, 8 GB of flash memory, and 1TB of HDD storage.

For the for the cleanest and sharpest video, the  Xbox One X, boasts 4K gameplay and video playback with HDR. There’s a huge library of exciting new and classic cross-platform titles and indie games.

Nintendo Switch

For players who want to enjoy gaming on the go, Nintendo Switch is the best gaming console for mobility. You can play games at home on your television but also when travelling. It features an amazing disassembling controller with split screen options if you want to play with friends.

From Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to Stardew ValleyCeleste, and Dead Cells, there are multiple great games you can play on Nintendo Switch on the go.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony remains a big hit with gamers with its PlayStation and the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has a lot to offer. It is the finest version of PlayStation and gamers enjoy the highest number of high-fidelity games.

Other features include K, HDR 10 compatibility, PlayStation 4’s exclusive game library for the best games and they look stunning. You can add PlayStation VR to the mix.

Nintendo Wii U

Need a gaming console ideal for the entire family? If you are a family of gamers, Nintendo Wii U is what you need.  It has a gaming library containing an E-rating for Everyone. It comes with a gamepad controller with a screen in it, multiplayer games and is compatible with Wii remote controllers.

SNES Classic Edition

Got nostalgia for those classic games? The SNES Classic Edition is the best gaming console for retro games.  For only $80, you get 20 of the best games ever made. It is a love letter to gaming’s golden age. The plug-and-play SNES Classic Edition allows you to enjoy your favorite classic Super Nintendo games.

With so many cool gaming consoles on the market, it is understandable if you just searched “help me with my homeworkon Google or ChatGPT.  Relax for a bit and play some games, then get your homework done!

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