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7 Features That Make A Mobile Game Profitable

The mobile gaming industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. Answering the question, “How big is the mobile gaming industry?” is not straightforward anymore. Even though you see thousands of games in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, only a handful manage to make it grand in terms of profits.

We will analyze those key aspects/features that any mobile gaming application needs to have to overcome its huge number of competitors, irrespective of the game’s genre. This boom was made possible due to some blockbuster successes of games like PUBG and Clash Royale, which went on to break all existing records. The latter made a profit of $577 million (before tax) in the year 2019.

Active Social Media Presence To Connect With Target Audience

Game development, like any other online business, needs to satisfy audiences’ preferences in order to sustain a dominant position. There is no better platform than Social Media to engage with your end-users to collect data regarding their expectations. In addition, leverage data analytics to customize your application in a data-driven fashion. A solid Social Media strategy means that you can engage, please and retain your valuable audience tailored to their tastes.

Addition Of New Features And Regular Updates

To retain that same excitement towards the game with time is no easy affair. Developers must have a long-term strategy regarding the features and updates to tingle the gamer’s interests. When this aspect is missing, the overall experience will get monotonous and lead to increased uninstallations. The updates improve the gaming dynamics and give your user a new reason to play it again the next day.

Seamless User Experience

All the profitable mobile games are well integrated with the hardware platform they are meant to be played on. These games are optimized for best performance during the planning and development phase. Mobile manufacturing companies are doing extensive R&D to fine-tune the design for gaming, as gaming performance is a prominent feature area users look for while making a purchase. The delight and user satisfaction when the gameplay is smooth skyrockets good word of mouth for your game. Players of the mobile casino games at VegasSlotsOnline provide great reviews/feedbacks due to this very reason.

They can enjoy a plethora of online casino games perfectly optimized for any mobile gadget. The best mobile slots are up for grabs with the option of playing for free or real cash. Therefore, hardware-driven app development is pivotal for a seamless user experience and stellar reviews for your gaming application.

Multiple Payment Options

Having a single payment strategy can often backfire for your gaming application. Play it smart by segmenting your user base based on their spending preferences. Based on this segmentation, the app should provide multiple payment options for gamers. In this way, you gain revenue from both the budget gamer and the extravagant hardcore player.

Well Laid Out Success Criteria

To make the game enjoyable and improve its replayable value, it must be competitive. For this, the game must have a feature that has clarity of success and progress in the gameplay journey. For instance, a trophy system or a point-based leadership can work. PUBG’s “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ tag for winners went viral among the gaming community. Another alternative is the leveling up of the character that gives a sense of accomplishment to the user.

Niching Down On Gaming Genres

The way firms focus their game development on particular mobile gaming genres is crucial. Having specialized teams for handling genres like RPG, Puzzles, etc., can help in task breakdown and employee productivity. This will result in producing better final products developed by niche professionals. It also enables creating more authentic storylines, user journeys, and gameplay ideas that can make the game stand out from the rest.

UI requires Intuitive Design 

At the end of the day, people choose to spend time gaming as it is a source of relaxation and entertainment. To facilitate this fundamental need, the game’s user interface and navigation must be seamless and hassle-free. For instance, the actions needed to play the game must be kept at a minimum. In addition, not crowding the screen with unwanted buttons and keeping the operations simple is a game-changer for profitability and user attraction.

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot to learn from the games that went viral among the gaming community in terms of downloads and profitability. Design and keep improving the gameplay experience to keep your end-users hooked. When games have the entertainment and technical features to provide maximum value for money along with targeted marketing, the profitability will soar in no time.

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