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The Offline Activities That Have A New Lease Of Life Online

For the most part computer games exist in our lives as an escape from reality. They have the ability to take us away from an hour into a different world where we operate as elves, superheroes or sporting icons.

The gaming market is huge, with many industries trying to replicate the thrills they offer in real life into online and console gaming. That’s only going to continue with the rise of virtual reality, whether you want to take part in some fishing from your living room or build an entire new city.

Some industries make the transition into gaming better than others though. We take a look at four of the best offline activities that translate to the perfect online escape.

Casino Games

Why Casinos Are Betting on Esports Games

Many simple games that have been around for generation have made a smooth transition to the online world, mainly due to accessibility. The idea of heading out to a bingo hall or casino after work can sometimes feel a little too much, so loading up an app feels the perfect remedy.

There are a huge amount of online casinos today, and they’re more lifelike than ever before. In fact, the reality is you can communicate with a live dealer, your opponents and see it all in video, directly from your sofa.

It’s a similar story in the case of the online slots vertical, offering incredibly life-like machines that wouldn’t look out of place on a Las Vegas casino floor.


Paul Chaloner says football teams could run the risk of collapsing if they don’t get involved with esports

For most children, the idea of being a professional athlete comes at the top of the wishlist. Making mazy runs through your back garden and firing past two trees before celebrating like Zinedine Zidane is a pastime many of us will remember. Then the dream ends and we have to get our kicks from FIFA instead.

Football is perhaps the sport that translates best to gaming and with incredible graphics it’s more real than ever before. We can create our own players, take control of our favorite teams, and even take on our best friends, just as we did all those years ago at the local park. Yet now you’re in your 30s and need to do it virtually.

Real Life

What’s the appeal of playing ‘mundane’ simulator games?

Ultimately, real life has been incredibly successful over the years when it comes to gaming. The likes of The Sims franchise is one of the most popular on the market and continues to be an escape some people really need from their own life.

You can create homes, families, relationships, practically anything you want all from the comfort of your own home.


Designing the Metaverse: The Role of Architecture in Virtual Environments

Similarly, you can simulate entire cities with the likes of Sim City and Urban Empire, letting your creative streak run wild. A city full of stadiums? Perhaps a skyline that would put even NYC to shame. Your dream is a virtual reality.

There are many different scenarios that you can build in, with the ability to even witness how your city would cope with natural disasters. It’s a chance to let your architectural spirit free and be as wacky or close to reality as you like.

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