5 Tech Trends You Should Know About for 2017

The one thing that is most amazing of mankind is its constant hunger to develop new technologies. Mankind never stopped in making tools that could help them minimize their efforts. Be it the discovery of wheel to computers to aeroplane, we made things that could take us to new achievements. In this digital era, one of the major place where human innovation is at it’s peak is in technology.

There are several technologies that has been developed in the recent years that automated human work process, made existing process more efficient, etc. The year 2017 has seen massive growth in the development of these technologies. Let’s take a look at few of them-

Internet of Things

All the Internet of Things – Episode 1 – Transports @digikey #adafruit

If you have been following the tech trends for past few years, then you would have definitely come across Internet of Things. Internet of things would be used to connect all our devices. Now the first thought that arises in people mind is that why even after being such a hot topic IoT hasn’t been utilised to it’s potential. The reason lies in the fact that there are millions of devices that has been manufactured by different manufacturers and use different platform. Therefore, interconnecting so many variety of devices through a single platform is very difficult.

While there are many smart home platforms they basically face two problem-

a. If the smarthub goes down then the entire system and connected devices  goes down with it.

b. Not all devices can be connected on this platform.
But, slowly things are changing in this space. Wifi is the best possible alternative which can handle larger number of device and increase compatibility.  With the coming of big players like amazon, Google and Apple, we can expect some major development in this sector.

AR and VR

The reality of VR/AR growth

Oculus Rift was bought by Facebook for $2 billion, Pokemon Go had more than 100 million downloads. This tells the growing popularity of AR and VR technologies. VR which was earlier used mostly for games got into a new domain when Zuckerberg decided to use VR for social platform. This means that you can watch movies together, play card games from any location and many more such thing with a feeling that you are in the same room.

AR has been one technology that has many practical applications. From helping online shoppers to choose the best suitable product to creating virtual hoardings to giving hands-on training to applicants, AR has many application. Although both these technologies are still in the nascent stage of development, a lot of expectation rest on them.

Artificial Intelligence

Every flagship phone in 2018 will probably feature an AI chip

AI has been the talk of the town for a while. While there are many experts hailing it as a revolutionising technology there are also some suggesting it as the reason mankind would be wiped out by sentient robots. Although, the doubts might be many, there is no denying the fact that the research on AI is going to be more and more.

AI has it’s application in various industry like in the healthcare industry it can be used to monitor heart rate and health by using AI along with Big Data. In the automotive industry AI is being hailed as a game changing technology in developing driverless cars. Many big names of the industry like Google, Tesla, Uber, Mercedes Benz are in the race to build the first commercially viable driverless car.

Blockchain Technology

Wall Street Moves to Adopt Blockchain Tech by 2018

You would have definitely heard about Bitcoin unless you have been living in a cave for past few years. With the boom in the value of bitcoin every eyes turned towards the technology that supported it- Blockchain. As given on Wikipedia “A blockchain is an encrypted distributed database (or distributed ledger) that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records called blocks.”

Blockchain technology is now being used by banks in order to secure financial transactions. We have also seen many apps that are coming up in the financial as well as health sector using blockchain technology.

Machine Learning

ARM’s new processors are designed to power the machine-learning machines

Machine learning is what gives computers the ability to learn things without being explicitly programmed for the same. From financial services to healthcare to government all are using machine learning to analyze large amount of data.

Google’s RankBrain which is it’s third most important ranking factor is based on machine learning artificial intelligence system. Slowly and steadily machine learning is spanning its wings across various domain like marketing, oil and gas, etc.

These are the 5 tech trends that are ruling in 2017. In the coming years we are sure that we would see many more development in this sector. What are your opinions on these technologies? Do comment below.

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