Can’t Afford a Good Spam Blocker? Here are 4 Free Ones that Work Perfectly

Depending on what email platform you use, you might find yourself shaking your fist at its spam filter on a daily basis. If you’re a salesman opening your mail in search of new leads and see you’ve got 58 new messages, you’re ecstatic until the moment you realize that 10 of them are from a phishing version of “eHarmony” 5 are proclaiming you’ve won a $50 gift card from your local drug store, and 2 more are querying you about “Order # 407-4485398-66179444,” which of course, you never ordered.

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On the other side of the spectrum are the spam filters that are so overzealous they flag the recipe your mom sent for brownies because she committed a typo in the first sentence. You only notice her message a month later when you’re bored at work and filtering through your spam box. Mom’s upset and you never got to make those delicious brownies of hers.

As of the first quarter of 2018, 45% of all emails sent are spam. When it comes to getting spam emails, the US ranks first for the most received, followed by China, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, UK, India, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Brazil.

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Regardless of whether you’re in one of these 10 countries or somewhere else, spam can have a miserable effect on your production, not to mention the performance of your machine. That has given birth to the IT niche for spam blocker, a third-party app that you can connect to your mail platform to do a a heavy-duty scrubbing of the messages heading your way. Some of these spam blockers cost money, while others are freeware, meaning they’re yours to use at no cost. If you’re struggling with spam, you can read reviews on all manner of spam blockers before deciding on which suits you best. If you’re budget is tight, here are four great freeware spam blockers that really do the trick.

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  1. Spamihilator: It’s almost worth a download solely for the name, which sounds like something Arnold Schwarzenegger would have made up while governor of California. This add-on works with Windows systems like Outlook, Eudora, and Thunderbird and claims a success rate up to 98% with its malware blocker.
  2. Mailwasher Free: There’s a paid version as well (MailWasher Pro), but this version is all you need to cleanse your webmail, IMAP, or POP3 account. When you install it, you can preview all incoming messages without actually opening them and decide whether to download them or not. Its virus security feature gives each message a status such as “Possible Spam” or “Friend” to help you make the decision.
  3. Spamfence: This is a pretty fascinating idea on how to ensure you’re not getting any nasty emails in your inbox. When installed, Spamfence turns into a good antivirus software that scans every message you get and forwards them all to a secondary, private email address. Those thought to be spam are marked, giving you the option to do with them what you wish.
  4. Gmail: Say what? Yep, everyone’s favorite inbox has a tremendous spam filter known sa Postini built in. By itself, Postini is a costly spam blocker often used by commercial businesses, but it’s offered free to users of the big G.

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