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Advanced Home Design App for All Interior Tasks

There are numerous occasions when home planners are a must-have tool. Even if you decide to cooperate with professional third parties, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be non-engaged in the plan realization process. Modern solutions differentiate with their multifunctionality. For instance, Live Home 3D is totally worth recommending whenever you need an extension, a new room design, or building a house from scratch.

Unlike several other applications, it differentiates with its smooth and comprehensive learning curve. So even beginners will be able to get involved in the process and consult with professionals. 

If you are interested in a qualitative way to flesh out your ideas accurately, Live Home 3D is a perfect tool for your dream visualization.

Moreover, it keeps on updating. Are you eager to know which new features will make your performance as a skillful home designer more blessed and simplified? Let’s get started!

Extraordinary Visual Vibe

It is not a secret that the majority of information people perceive through their eyes. That’s why it is especially important to make your plans as closeto reality as possible. Let’s introduce a new awesome feature from version 4 — physically-based materials.

Unlike previous updates when 2D and 3D graphics looked more cartoon-like, this time the focus has been made on how natural surfaces look. On the one hand, textures and textiles like glass, metal, and stone are at your disposal 24/7. On the other hand, these features are adjustable, so it is not a problem to see how different light source locations influence the way windows shine and reflect sun rays.

Terrain Editing

Home is the place where people want to live and feel comfortable. That is why if you have private garden plots, it would be a mistake to waste their potential on boring landscape solutions. Live Home 3D version 4 offers a rich palette of features to make a fairytale out of a simple space. The envisioning of people’s ideas is available thanks to the elevation tools.

Apart from adding ponds, swimming areas, pathways, cutouts to the general terrain design, enthusiasts are welcome to visualize different house locations — on a sloped surface, on a hill, or surrounded by other natural objects like lakes, forests and mountains. What’s more important, the intuitive interface of Live Home 3D enables amateurs to get rid of complicated activities and achieve the desired results faster even if the project element is created from scratch.

Here are a few design ideas that can be easily realized with the help of Live Home 3D:

  • Landscaping designs for 2021 tend to magnify with their natural enhancements. The app lets you stay rustic and minimal but avoid boring layouts. For instance, you can plan which trees should be present and check which quantity will suit your objectives beforehand. From this perspective, consumers will be able to calculate their budget and spending list more precisely.
  • Live Home 3D version 4 lets you be more critical and analyze which elements will bring positive advantages to your living space. Its functionality will work great for those who prefer structural landscape design. Some of its elements have been already mentioned, but the list of possible options is literally endless — from trellises to espaliers and gazebos.
  • This software is excellent also when it comes to covering bare spots with interesting materials like mulch. Colored versions of the latter are environmentally safe. Along with wood chips, they decrease the amount of time and effort required to spend to maintain the original state of your design.

Curtain Walls in Architecture

Tech Has Built A New Face Of Construction

This design is gaining momentum. However, it is commonly believed to be overly complicated to realize on your own. Live Home 3D version 4 proves there is nothing impossible in the home design field if advanced tools are involved in the process. Just imagine that a few clicks are enough to visualize the best appearance of the front part of your house. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the number of glasses and frames and see how they change the overall view.

Seeking the best home design and renovation software has always been a challenge, regardless of your experience. Luckily, the development and further improvement of Live Home 3D changes the game completely. If you lack the power to design the house of your dream, version 4 will recharge your batteries for sure. Just check it out!

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