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Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

It may sound impossible – and it probably is if your main hobby is playing football or flying remote control aeroplanes – but there’s every chance you could make some money from your hobby, and even make a career.

Should I turn my hobby into a job?

For many making the move from hobby to career can be incredibly scary, but if you’ve the talent, determination, and passion for the thing you love, there’s no reason you can’t make your pastime a full-time job.

We take a look at some of the world’s favourite hobbies and how you can make the most of it…



Millions of people have a passion for gardening. It’s soothing, relaxing, and standing back and looking at the end product fills you with gratification.

But what if you could turn that into money? Well there are plenty of opportunities to make money from gardening. You could take care of other people’s gardens, sure. But what about starting a class to help gardening beginners, taking them through pruning, sewing, and all of the other must know info to turn them into a green-fingered whizz? Teaching at local centres, and even garden centres for a small fee would not only cover the price of your own hobby but could even turn into a franchise and make some serious money.

eSports Gaming

How Do Esports Teams Spend Money? – Esports Weekly with Coca-Cola

There’s a lot of success in gaming these days, and we aren’t talking about just making games as a developer or programmer, the players are really raking it in now with esports. Practicing your trade (which is what you do anyway for fun), and even picking up a few small tournaments playing online video games could lead to your new career in online gaming.

It’s a new career path that has seen many make a lot of money in recent years, and if you’ve the right mentality like Digital Chaos or Team Liquid, you could go a long way.



Sitting in front of the television, needles in hand, and sewing your niece flowers onto a jumper is incredible relaxing. But if you’re good you can really earn from your love. Take Megan Duckett, she began sewing at her dining room table as a hobby. Before she knew it she was designing silk chandeliers for big name companies, and earning more money than her full-time job.

Today she owns Sew What? and Rent What? earning over $6.2 million per year and managing 44 employees. Not bad from starting making drapes for her bedroom.

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