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4 Ways Tech Has Reshaped The World Of Gaming

It’s fair to say that tech is constantly evolving the world of gaming. Here are some of the key ways that the latest tech has altered the way we play and enjoy games. 

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If you were to argue about the biggest audience of gamers, you would probably say that they were the ones who played on their PC or perhaps your favorite games console. However, the reality is that this isn’t the case. The widest majority of gamers are playing on their mobiles. Big developers know this. That’s why Nintendo threw their support at mobile gaming not too long ago. A big reason for this is the way tech has evolved. Phones are more advanced than ever and being able to ring someone on your phone is now a side benefit. People are far more interested in the graphics, the screen, and the power behind their phones. It also helps that there are various ios platforms with controller support. This means that you can play mobile games while using your preferred controller. 

A Focus On VR

VR is arguably still a niche in the gaming world but it’s quickly becoming a mainstream option. This is thanks to the development of tech like the Sony VR and perhaps, more importantly, the Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest made VR gaming accessible and a real possibility to a more typical audience. You no longer needed to worry about issues with a system that had to be plugged into an expensive computer. Instead, this VR works by itself and is comparatively affordable because of it. Sony claims they haven’t given up on VR either so it will be interesting to see what is eventually announced for the PS5. 

Improvements In Open World Gaming

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Open world gaming used to have a massive problem. The games could be large with expansive maps but there wasn’t much in them. There were exceptions – most notably GTA V. But other similar open-world games such as Assassins Creed became a sandbox where there was nothing to play with. Then No Man’s Sky was introduced. While it was arguably a failure and a disappointment for fans it brought with it a revolutionary idea. This was a game where the world would grow and evolve without the input of developers. It was possible due to machine learning where different worlds, thousands of them in a virtual universe, would evolve over time. Now the first results of this concept weren’t promising but No Man’s Sky has evolved since then. A lot of open-world games are also using the same type of system. It ensures that these massive, sprawling worlds now feel real and alive with possibilities. 

Photorealistic Graphics

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Photorealistic graphics for games have been teased countless times. But things have been evolving in exciting new directions now thanks to advanced technology like Raytracing. Creative games like Dreams have also helped ensure that players are able to create their own photorealistic worlds and evidence of this can be seen across YouTube.

Developers say they are only just scratching the surface of what possibilities the new generation of consoles will bring. So, there’s no telling what graphics could look like over the next few years. 

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