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Entertain Yourself with These 4 Games for Smartphones

Looking for a new game to get addicted to on your smartphone? There are so many out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s a rundown of four smartphone games that will surely entertain, and what they bring to the table.

Monument Valley II

Monument Valley II is the sequel to the outrageously entertaining Monument Valley mobile puzzle game. The smartphone game centers around two major players, a mother and her daughter. When you play Monument Valley II, you’ll journey through visually stunning worlds that include buildings and landscapes that only exist in the world of gaming. To get to the end of each stage, you’re tasked to create platforms and make connections with the surrounding architectures, in order to shift from one stage to another. Perhaps the most interesting element of the game is that you’re helping to unfold a story between a mother and daughter relationship. Monument Valley II has won multiple awards including Best Single-Player Mobile Game of the Year 2017 from the Chinese Game Billboard and Games – Puzzle 2018 from the Webby Awards.

Madden NFL Football

Football fans, football is back. You can get pumped for the season with Madden NFL Football by Electronic Arts. In the mobile sports game, you get to play various aspects of football all from your smartphone or tablet. Try taking on the GM role of your favorite team, then pick your roster. You can train your players with workouts led by NFL stars like Tom Brady and complete daily goals. Another aspect of the game is that you’ll be able to draft your top picks and earn rewards as they play in live events. Last but not least, you’ll be able to recreate actual big plays that happened in real NFL games. Trade in the football for this smartphone app and get in the game.


Minecraft is the perfect game for anyone who likes to build and create things. Creativity is the key to success and the world is your oyster in this game. You get to explore infinite worlds then build anything and everything from homes and castles to weapons and armor, depending on which mode you want to be in. The game can become very intricate, so if you want to up the experience, try attaching an add-on controller to build with even more finesse and gain control of your vision.


Everyone could use a good game for their daily commute and Threes! fits the bill. Threes! is a puzzle game where you essentially slide number tiles around with the objective of getting two like numbers next to each other. Once numbers begin to match, they form new, larger numbers. The more you move around the tiles and get into the game, the more opportunities there will be to combine numbers and the higher your score gets. It’s highly addicting to chase the high score and even more fun to compete with friends.

So, what are you waiting for? You can download any of these games via the Apple App Store, Google Play or on Amazon. To make the best of your gaming experience, try to play this game where service is good and easily accessible or where high-speed internet is available. The reliable connection will allow the games to run as they were intended without any lags or interruptions so you can reach the max potential of the gaming experience.

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