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Should You Buy a Phone Case or a Skin?

If you are like any average American you probably upgrade your phone every year. Year after year, phone manufacturers are improving the specs and designs on their devices to the point where almost anyone would want to buy them.

Manufacturers are sacrificing the build quality of their devices to make phones more sleek and modern, while attempting to embed the latest technology. The fact that the latest phones, such as the iPhone XS and Galaxy Note9, have a glass front and back makes them more fragile than ever.

As a result, if you purchase any of the new phones, you would definitely want to put a protective cover on it. Ideally, to stay up to date with the latest trends you would want a designer phone case or a phone skin. Both have their own advantages and downfall making it a tough choice to choose one or the other.

Why should you buy a phone case?

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As a consumer you may consider a phone case because that is something we are all familiar with, and with hundreds of versions to choose from it can be a challenge to find the perfect case. Ultimately you will have two choices, you can go for a designer phone case, such as Velvet Caviar, or a protective phone case from Spigen.

Designer Cases

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When you are spending close to a thousand dollars on a new device you want to maintain the quality while enhancing its look. A bulky case won’t do, but a designer phone case that provides stunning designs with premium quality materials is the best choice.

Protective Cases

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While most may want a designer case, the lather would rather purchase solely for the protection. The people who look for protective cases usually purchase the new versions for the technology and what they have to offer, rather than the aesthetics. If you fall into this category, then protective cases are the way to go for you.

Why should you buy a Phone skin?

Should You Buy A Phone Case or Skin?

An alternative to phone cases are phone skins. Phone skins are significantly different to cases in that they do not provide nearly as much protection. Brands like Dbrand feature a plethora of cool designs as well as an added grip to the phone, but does not offer protection of any sort.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you have to choose what you want for your phone. Notably, the fact that you will be using your phone every single day, you wouldn’t want to something on your phone that doesn’t offer everything you need. In an ideal scenario where you get the best of both worlds, a designer phone case is the way to go.

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