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Have Modern Smartphones Become a Liability?

There is no doubt that the smartphones of today have changed our lives for the better in many different ways. Whether you use them for business or personal use, you can now get online wherever and whenever you want to even if you are on vacation, doing your shopping, on a business trip or anywhere else. We can stream entertainment straight to our devices, use them to go on social media sites, take photos and videos, and much more. Basically, having a smartphone means that we have access to a computer we can carry around with us wherever we go. But are smartphones starting to take us a step backward? Most sane people in today’s world think so, let’s take a look.

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While smartphones have definitely revolutionized our lives in many ways, there are also many people who believe that they may have become something of a liability. For instance, having a smartphone means you are now more prone to nuisance calls although you can use tools such as the robocall blocking app to deal with these. There is also the negative effect that these phones have had when it comes to relationships and communication. Many people now go out with friends or loved ones but rather than talking and enjoying one another’s company, they are all glued to their smartphones. In relationships, if one person is obsessed with being on their phone it can cause issues and animosity.

Smartphones have made it easier for people to spy on one another too, which can have a negative impact when it comes to things such as relationships. For instance, if one person has been flirting via text or social media with someone and the other person sees it on the phone, it can cause the breakdown of the relationship altogether. However, phones have made it far easier for people who have the inclination to cheat or flirt because it can be done via social media, text and instant messaging.

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In terms of finances, smartphones have also had a detrimental effect on some people. Signing up to a contract that comes with a latest model phone does not come cheap. However, for some people this is a status symbol and even if they cannot realistically afford to do it, they will sign up to a two year contract simply so that they can get the phone of their dreams. They are then stuck with monthly payments for two years, which can have a huge impact on their finances.

Another major negative effect of modern smartphones is the rising level of theft. Many people have been victims of theft or even muggings because of their smartphones, as criminals are able to easily wipe them and sell them on – something that wasn’t an issue when we only had landlines. People who walk around the streets with their phones glued to their hands are particular targets because it is obvious that they have a phone on them. Even things such as crime being committed, recorded, and being put online has caused a lot of worry. This includes smartphone videos of people being beaten up or worse.

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