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Top Tips For Promoting Your Tech Products At Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are fantastic places for promoting new tech products and increasing brand recognition. However, lots of entrepreneurs fail to make the best use of those events. If you don’t follow the tips and advice mentioned on this page, it’s possible you will waste your investment and struggle to advertise your designs. With that in mind, take a read through this article and then make sure you use some of the suggestions to get better results from your next trade show or exhibition. The information in this article is simple, and so it should help to remove any confusion or misunderstandings.

Make sure you attend the right events

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That advice might sound obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the number of business owners who attempt to promote their products at the wrong events. In most instances, you just need to search online to discover a list of suitable trade shows for your industry. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand you aren’t going to get the best results if you exhibit tech products at marketing conventions. You get the idea, right? Also, it’s important to note that you might have to pay thousands of dollars to operate a stall at the trade show. So, attending the wrong events could mean you waste a small fortune without ever making a profit. For the best results, take a look at some of the exhibitions your competitors plan to visit during the next few months.

Choose the best members of your team to assist

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There is no getting away from the fact that you can’t manage a trade show stand alone. For that reason, you will need to select the most knowledgeable and experienced members of your team to come along to the event. Try to choose people who have a conventional understanding of the inner workings of your operation because those folks will have to answer questions posed by attendees. You should start training your staff for the exhibition at least a couple of weeks in advance for the best outcomes. Make sure every person you take to the trade show knows the purpose of the visit and what information they need to promote to potential customers. The next tip will assist with that process.

Create a script for your employees to follow

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If you’re concerned about your employees making the wrong impression or presenting inaccurate information, you just need to think ahead. Nothing is wrong with writing a script for your workers to follow when they deal with trade show attendees. Just write down a list of standard questions that you think people might ask throughout the event. You can then create the perfect answers and ensure all your employees can recite them from memory. Hopefully, that should mean everyone who stops for a chat gets the same information, and that will assist when it comes to increasing brand recognition and developing brand identity. Some questions you might want to answer, include:

  • Who designed the product?
  • How does the product work?
  • How much does the product cost?
  • What are the benefits of using the product?

Pay for professional graphic design

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You need to make sure your exhibition stall stands out from the crowd as much as possible. Let’s presume a few thousand people attend the event, and twenty or thirty companies are showcasing their latest releases. There isn’t enough time in the day for all those people to stop and have a conversation with every brand at the trade show. For that reason, you need to work hard to ensure attendees notice your stall more than the others in the room. The best way to achieve that goal is to pay for professional graphic design and printing. You can decorate your stall with beautiful banners and imagery that attendees won’t manage to resist. With a bit of luck, that will encourage more people to inquire about your new products.

Lure attendees towards your stand

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There are lots of other ways in which you could lure trade show visitors to your stall. In most instances, you just have to think outside of the box. Firstly, you might consider giving some products away for free as part of a contest. Everyone loves getting something without spending money, and so that should encourage lots of people to come along and say hello. You might also take the butcher’s approach and preach about your products to passers-by. A couple of wood lecterns and a decent microphone should help you to achieve that goal. You can also ask your most attractive team members to walk around the venue handing out leaflets that let attendees know about your stall.

Provide printed promotional materials

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Some people won’t have enough time to stop and chat during the exhibition. However, you don’t want those folks to walk away empty-handed. With that in mind, creating some printed promotional products that point people in the direction of your online store is always a sensible move. So, those of you who want the best outcomes might consider getting:

  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Catalogs

You can then pass them out to anyone who seems to show an interest in your products but who don’t have enough time to stand around. Hopefully, those attendees will take a look at the marketing materials later in the day or when they get home. It’s also beneficial to ask a member of your team to stand near the exits handing them out too.

Create a quiet area where you can chat

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Occasionally, you will meet an attendee who likes your products and wants to know as much as possible about your company. The last thing you want to do is have the conversation in the open in front of other attendees. That is why you must create a quiet space where people can hear themselves think. Office pods are an excellent tool for that job, and so you should invest in one as soon as possible. Those contraptions use mobile partition walls to ensure other people can’t eavesdrop, and any noise pollution is limited. Keep some tea and coffee making facilities nearby, and always offer refreshments if you want to create the best impression.

Use the same branding for everything

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At the very least, you want the people who visit the trade shows and exhibitions to become familiar with your brand. Considering that, it’s vital that you take the same approach when creating all your promotional materials. Use the same fonts and colors, and ensure you always include your company logo. That is the best way to make sure the people you meet never forget your operation in the future. It should also increase the chances of attendees stopping for a chat on the second or third time they encounter your display. Branding is everything, and so you might want to pay some experts to develop and enhance your current designs and approach.

Make your stand as interactive as possible

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Offering some interactivity will always go down well at trade shows and exhibitions. There are lots of ways you can achieve that goal, but the most straightforward methods involve:

  • Using iPads and tablets
  • Using touchscreen computers

If you want to create some specialist software for the occasion, you just need to get in touch with prominent developers a couple of months in advance. However, in most instances, you can use PowerPoint presentations and things like that to keep the attendees entertained. The goal is the keep people at your stall for as long as possible, and using interactive technology will mean you can have conversations with others while those folks learn about your brand unassisted.

Those top tips should be more than enough to help all readers get the best results from trade shows and exhibitions in the future. Now you just have to put that advice into action and ensure you use it wisely before your next big event. Showcasing tech products is much simpler than promoting digital services or anything like that. So, you should achieve the desired results if you think ahead and begin planning for your event with enough time to spare. Good luck!

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