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5 Aspects of Modern Crash Cart Design

Crash carts are vital for providing integrated care to patients who are in distress. If a crash cart is too difficult to move or is not equipped with all the necessary equipment, patient lives could be in danger. Wasting time is not an option when a patient is coding. With the right modern crash cart design and components, healthcare providers will be better equipped to save lives and prevent needless deaths. 

Five Integral Things to Look for in a Crash Cart

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a crash cart for healthcare systems. One of them is finding the best Crash Cart Supplier. The following offers comprehensive information on what should be included in a crash cart’s design so it can be more effectively used when needed. 

1. Mobility

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One of the most important aspects of any crash cart is its mobility level. A crash cart should not be bulky or heavy. It should be made of lightweight materials that allow for ease in maneuverability. Although it should be lightweight, it also needs to be durable because it will take on a lot of abuse in a coding situation. It is wise to choose a crash cart that has an innovative fifth-wheel steering system. This makes maneuverability much easier for doctors and nurses. 

2. Organization

Having a properly organized crash cart is highly important. If healthcare staff cannot find the supplies they need, patients could end up dying. The cart must offer plenty of room for each supply and the cart should be well organized and kept neat. A well-stocked crash cart is essential in emergency situations. 

3. Options for Customization

A single crash cart cannot possibly meet the needs of all healthcare works. Having options for customization is highly important. While every cart should be standard in a single hospital, hospitals should have options for customizing their facility’s crash carts to better meet the needs of their staff and their patients. 

4. Security Features

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Crash carts must be secured. The drugs on a medical cart must be locked in a secure location and monitored closely. Having options for improving crash cart security is essential when choosing a cart to meet the needs of a hospital. 

5. Multiple Access

It is imperative there is simultaneous access granted to all components of a crash cart. With multiple access points, members of the crash response team will be able to grab the supplies they need quickly, without having to wait on others to finish getting theirs first. 

Choosing the Right Crash Cart Is Essential for Patient Care

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One of the most important decisions that are made in a healthcare setting is what equipment will be purchased to provide excellent patient care. When it comes to patients in distress, healthcare providers must have access to the very best supplies and equipment available so they can act quickly and ensure their patients are protected. 

Proper Training and Practice Runs Are a Must

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When a patient is in distress, there is no time for waiting. Healthcare providers must be ready right away and equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment they need for taking care of their patients. Having the right crash cart is essential, but so is training. A well-stocked crash cart will do nothing for patients unless their healthcare providers are highly trained and ready to react quickly. 


Choosing a crash cart is not an easy feat but it becomes easier when hospitals know what to look for in crash cart equipment. Taking heed of the above tips should help with the decision.

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