Cyber Attack: Why You Need To Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Businesses often hear they are their own worst enemy from a security standpoint. The reason is that they do things which encourage cyber attacks. For the most part, this is a bad trait which puts the company in a vulnerable position. However, it is possible to flip the script and make it a significant part of your security strategy. How? You merely conduct a cyber attack. It sounds like a terrible idea in every possible way, but it’s genuinely data’s best friend.

Here are the reasons why.

Determines Weaknesses

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Every company has a security weakness which they aim to solidify to prevent attacks. The problem is that the majority of firms don’t understand their faults until it’s too late. Once an attack happens, you are on the back foot and have to work hard to limit the damage. However, penetration testing allows you conduct a mock breach to discover the areas which need help. With the results, you can then attempt to build barricades to ensure they are stronger than before. Hopefully, it should be enough to discourage hackers and force them to look for other victims.

Ensures Effective Responses

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It’s one thing putting new controls in place and another ensuring they work. Unfortunately, there’s a chance the software or hardware hasn’t improved since the upgrade took place. In that case, the weak areas of the company are still open and vulnerable to attack. In layman’s terms, the penetration testing was a huge waste of time and money. Conducting another attack puts the upgrade through its paces and forces it to defend the business’s data. If there zero weaknesses or threats show up, the company can be pretty sure the information is safe. If there are issues, you need to come up with better solutions.

Test Apps

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Business applications are taking over the industry at the moment. Even the smallest firms have apps which they plug. The issue is one of security because apps contain large volumes of data, from credit card details to addresses. What’s worse is the fact they connect to the server so are susceptible to a hack. Because they come and go on a regular basis, there’s a chance the business doesn’t know there is a possible security flaw. Never ignore an application or treat it as unique. Anything that connects to the server must be tested for potential data breaches.

Discover Bugs

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Software and patches work in the same way as an app. The IT team comes up with a way to improve the server and upgrade is installed instantaneously. But, there is no way to know whether the system is going to be stronger or weaker as a result. Sadly, there is a chance that the new patch has a bug or a glitch. In an extreme case, it could open up the server to outside sources with bad intentions. By testing it before implementing the software upgrade, the firm can reduce the chances of a hack.


Regarding a cyber attack, don’t wait around for someone else to test your server. Instead, do it yourself and analyze the results.

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