Why You Definitely Need Anti-Virus In 2017

When the internet first became an accessible commodity, the world really became aware of the threat viruses pose to computers. It was very easy to find yourself clicking a link and exposing your computer to masses of viruses in the earlier days – thus anti virus software was developed to keep people protected; especially online.

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However, internet access has become part of daily life and are we technology-wise enough to know how to avoid viruses without the need for anti virus software these days?

Not quite because we as consumers may have become more aware of the threat of viruses but so too have those who design and share them. Thanks to high speed internet transferring temporary internet files at incredible speeds; it’s become very easy to miss a nefarious pop up or suspicious download that’ll no doubt result in virus infection for your computer.

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Anti virus software truly is the only way to stop viruses from accessing your system but you can’t rely on the free options these days; they simply don’t offer enough protection. Free anti virus software packages usually provide limited coverage or a short trial period before deactivating themselves awaiting payment – AVG is a big example of these trends.

Being as you are bound to paying for your anti virus software; you might as well do some research on getting the best deal using sites that compare the top 10 best antivirus software. These sites offer independent, consumer advice on which packages are worth the money and which to avoid based on customer and expert reviews.

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There are many familiar names in the anti virus market at present including Symantec’s flagship Norton package and the ever present Avira software which still receives incredibly favourable reviews despite costing slightly more than its rivals.

When you’re choosing the best anti virus package for your needs; you must consider that price doesn’t always reflect quality. For example; the American software Bull Guard is cheaper than most anti virus software packages but receives much more favourable reviews on the whole as it provides complete protection without putting a strain on runtime.

How to Choose Virus Protection Software

It may be 2017 and we may be better educated than ever before on the dangers of viruses but we are still so ill informed regarding anti virus software – make sure you’re covered and protect your PC.

The reality is that it’s a harsh world  with no shortage of malware or phishing attacks to swoop in and steal your data and money. Anti virus is important and you should definitely protect your devices and try and build the tallest and thickest wall around your digital life with a reputable antivirus suite.

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