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Review: Bitdefender Total Security Software – An Anti-Virus Solution for 2021

If you are like me (a geek for life) then you probably remember growing up in the 90’s with computers. Anytime we got a new computer it always had the


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Five Essential Readings for Tech Startup Entrepreneurs

Did you know that only 2 in 5 startups are profitable, and others will break or continue to lose money? What’s more, the tech market is saturated with ambitious and


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Why Cybersecurity Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Effective CyberSecurity requires complex thinking executed in simple ways supported by advanced resources. While cybercrime can be highly targeted and specific, it’s often a crime of opportunity. The internet allows


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External hard drive vs. NAS: The Great Battle

What is worth the most to you? Don’t ask yourself this question anymore because we tell you if you need an external hard drive or a NAS inside. For many



Running Like Clockwork: How To Optimize Your Business Operations

Every business owner faces challenges and obstacles, but there are often steps you can take to try and prevent problems and streamline operations. If you’re hoping to ensure that your


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7 Ways To Use Technology To Your Advantage

While technology can be overwhelming at times, it’s also very handy. There are many ways to use technology to your advantage these days that you should consider making it a


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Why All Password Managers Aren’t the Same

Having a password manager is better than not having a password manager. While this phrase is totally true, much like everything else in life, not all password managers are created


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How Testing and Optimizing APIs Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Usage-based billing is a popular payment model in cloud-based SaaS platforms. The idea is that you only pay for the amount of data your project uses, which is great for