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5 Apps That Protect You From Hackers

More and more people are using their mobiles every day. According to Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans now own a smartphone, and the global median of adults who have a smartphone is 59%. Clearly, this is a widespread trend that’s not slowing down any time soon.

Unfortunately, this is also a growing market for hackers. Mobile devices are often poorly secured, yet have a lot of valuable information inside of them – starting with private pictures, and going up to social security numbers and credit card details.

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If the information contained in a smartphone gets into the wrong hands, it can be used for malicious reasons. Hackers may threaten to release sensitive information, or they may simply get away with your hard-earned money, never to be seen again.

Consider investing in applications that were created with the purpose to defend their users against the dangers of the online world. Below, you will find a list of applications that are cost-efficient and very valuable to you for both security and convenience.

1. Surfshark

Best 5 Apps To Secure Your Android Device From Every Possible Breach

Surfshark is a VPN app, which is short for a Virtual Private Network. Simply put, it directs all your online traffic through a secure tunnel, increasing your privacy and security online greatly.

Of course, there are other benefits to using a VPN – such as being able to access the content you wouldn’t reach otherwise. For a lot of people, that’s the primary reason to use a VPN.

However, it is important to pick a provider that does great on security, too. Surfshark uses industry-leading encryption that makes sure your traffic really does stay private and secure.

Plus, their CleanWeb feature makes sure that your browser has been scanned to protect you from being tracked. It protects you against malware and blocks ads that keep popping up and are a nuisance to most browsers.

Another important factor is their no-logs policy. That means Surfshark doesn’t store any information on you, and your online activities really do remain private. If there are no logs, hackers cannot get to them.

You can download Surfshark for Android phones now and use a single subscription to protect all of your devices. They support most of the major operating systems, so you should have no trouble locating what you need.

2. Avast antivirus and security

Avast pumps protection, performance, and privacy in 2019 | Avast

Avast is one of the most popular security apps. The best thing about the app is that it is free and enables you to scan not only your mobile device but also any other memory devices installed such as memory cards. This app is also great at analyzing apps before you download them, thus helping you to stay away from malicious apps.

Avast app also has a feature that enables the user to block texts and calls from a list of numbers that you select. This can help to keep you safe from hackers that impersonate other people and extract information from your conversations.

The final and most exciting feature of this app is its anti-theft feature. Avast app has features that enable you to track your phone when lost. The feature can also lock the phone and wipe all the data in your command remotely. The feature is useful because it keeps your data safe even when your phone is lost.

3. Telegram

Telegram fixes IP address leak in desktop client

While it’s important to protect your files from malware and to encrypt your data, it’s also crucial to make sure that everything you think is private actually is. After the recent Facebook hack, it’s becoming less and less wise to use their native Messenger app, however convenient that may be.

Telegram, on the other hand, is completely free and offers end-to-end encryption. Make sure that you always select “Secret chat” when you message someone, as that means none of your data will ever reach the server and will only be stored on your device and the device of the person you’re talking to.

This way, you can stay assured that when you’re talking about things hackers would love to know about, you’re not giving them an easy way in.

4. Lookout

Google’s Lookout will help the blind navigate their environment

This is another excellent security app that is available both to Android and Apple phones. This app is similar to the above-explained apps because it has the ability to scan your phone’s applications and the websites that you visit for viruses. It aims to detect viruses sent by hackers to compromise the device and to steal your private information.

The app has the ability to detect threats before they activate in your device. After detecting them, it moves to stop them from infecting the device or accessing your data. This app also has features that help you to back up your data in servers that are secure as well as great anti-theft properties.

Lookout app also has a unique feature that enables the user to track his or her phone’s location even when it runs out of battery. This is helpful in recovering your device if it is lost regardless of whether it has run out of battery or is switched off.

5. LastPass authenticator

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This modern app is designed to solve current problems. Today, people run many accounts ranging from email accounts, work, social media accounts, and educational account that all have passwords. For you to keep all your accounts safe from hackers, you have to come up with long, complicated passwords that are different for each account.

Until biometric passwords become more prevalent, you need tools such as LastPass. This app provides a way for you to store all your accounts’ passwords safely and any other information. All you require is to come up with a master password, the next level of protection is a six-digit code generated every time you log in. This ensures that you are the only one who can access the information and the account passwords.

That’s the crucial base that you should know about even if you’re an average user. However, if you have your own online business, there are even more angles to think of to stay safe online. As our digital world evolves, so do the attackers. The best way to guard yourself is to stay informed, proactive, and to follow best security practices.

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    I’m so happy you rated Surfshark in the first place, it’s the one I currently use. I use it on my MacBook and had to set it up manually, which was a bit annoying, but apart from that it works just fine. The security is top-notch and the speeds are good. I am thinking of buying an Android and my friend said it’s really battery friendly since it uses ikev2 protocol, googled a bit and the internet says it’s correct. Plus we found a “columbusday” coupon and I think it’s still active, might get a 75% discount with it. I’ll try other apps that you mentioned as well, thank you for sharing!

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