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Computer Basics: Why You Need To Take Care Of Your PC

Your business is going to rely on computers, and your workload is as well. If you’re a craftsman, would you sharpen and care for your expensive tools? Of course, you would – so why don’t you care for your computers?

The workplace computer can experience any number of issues from hard-drive failure to a hack. Let’s break down some reasons why you should be looking after your workplace systems. If you’re unsure – seek advice and a good computer support team in your workplace can save you.

Update Your Systems

Faster, better, stronger: Get your PC in tip-top shape

Consider your systems – are they out of date? Is your business still running on Windows XP? If so – bring your systems into the future with an update and ensure that your business can be supported with the latest updates. You’ll be left behind in terms of software otherwise.

If your hard drive fails on you, then your business is going to have serious issues if it relies on your laptops. Hard-drives do fail with old age, so be sure to upgrade it now and then. Hard-drives hold all of your data, so if it fails – all of that can disappear in the blink of an eye. Backup your data to avoid the worst-case scenarios here.

Dust Free Workplace

How to keep dust out of your PC and enjoy a cool experience

If your workspace is dusty, you can guarantee the insides of your computer will be suffering as well. Even if your desk is spotless, your computer can still find ways of sucking in the nastiness from the air and the internet!  Dust will sabotage a new computer almost straight away – so don’t let dirt and the environment stunt the performance of your computer.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of cloth wipes on hand to wipe down your computer after a hard day of processing! Clean or arrange for your computers to be cleaned thoroughly and ensure that files and data that you have no use for are securely deleted from your work system. If your hard-drive is clogged up with rubbish, your computer is going to run slowly – so make sure you remove all the temporary files from your computer! Educate yourself on the dangers of downloading and if your internet browser warns you about a site you are visiting (it may have malware), turn your back and take yourself off the site.

Regular Disk Checks & Installing Anti-Virus Software

GEEK-TO-YOU: How to take care of your computer

Anti-virus software should always be used and is an oft neglect facet of computer care. It is essential. Your systems should be scanned on a regular basis to ensure that no viruses are lurking behind the scenes. A virus can disrupt your work, but most of them aren’t that innocent and can open up your computer files so a criminal can access them. Scan your systems and keep well-guarded against the threat of a virus. Data is a huge goal for cyber-criminals as it can be easily sold on. Make sure your systems and networks won’t leave your company open to a data heist.

There are plenty of reasons why you should care for your computers, but you should only need one. These amazing things run your business, so look after them.

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