4 Common Computer Threats & How To Fix Them

We use computers every single day. Computer chips are in everything now, but laptops and traditional PC’s still remain the go to hardware for main computing tasks. They can do everything, from gaming, to running a business. However, they are quite delicate machines which are susceptible to all kinds of issues such as hackers, water damage, dropping, viruses, the list goes on. There are of course different ways in which you can protect your computer and your life against these infractions.

Hard Drive Failure

How to Identify Which Hardware Component is Failing in Your Computer

If your hard drive goes down then you’re in trouble. It could be for a variety of reasons including old age, but whatever the reason, your computer will not be operable until it has been sorted. The issues with hard drives is that they old all of your data. So all of your key business and personal word files, your pictures from holidays, weddings and other life events all gone in the blink of an eye. But not is all lost. There are ways in which you can get data from dead hard drive. It isn’t easy, and if the drive has been damaged in say, as fire, it can be impossible. But it is good to know the option is available if anything bad happens.


How to solve the 10 most common tech support problems yourself

Malware, or malicious hardware, is different to a virus because it wishes to gain information from you instead of simply disrupting and damaging your machine. It can use keylogging software to work out your banking passwords when you sign in online or disguise itself as a programme you use often and trick you into renewing and putting your bank details in that way. Malware is supremely dangerous and if you suspect you’ve been tricked then phone your bank immediately otherwise they’ll wipe your bank account out pretty quickly. The key defence against malware is anti-virus software, but even then you can still be tricked. Be diligent, and don’t open or download anything from somewhere you don’t trust.

The Cloud

9 Worst Cloud Security Threats

The cloud has taken over modern computing. It allows you to essentially store information on the internet on a cloud provider. This is a vital way of surviving all kinds of issues. Hard drive goes down? Doesn’t matter, everything is on the cloud. The same applies if a virus corrupts your system. It is one of the ultimate ways in surviving all risks, both physical and virtual, to your computer.


Sneak Attack! 5 Hidden Ways Viruses Infect Your Computer

The virus is dangerous because all it wants to do is disrupt and destroy your computer. It’ll wipe out all of your files and systems or simply make life hell for you. You virus protection software can go someway in staving off the virus, but you need to be diligent too. One of the easiest ways of letting a virus in is by opening an email attachment sent from an unknown source. However, there are ways to combat it. If your computer becomes infected, then you need to download the right software onto a memory stick then insert the memory stick into your computer. The right software will find and obliterate the virus and leave your systems functioning like normal.

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