Tap Into Gamer Nostalgia And Take A Trip Down Gaming Memory Lane

The majority of people remember the games they played when they were young. Games you spent hours and hours trying to complete. Games that actually presented a challenge unlike the modern consoles do. Why not take some time to play them again? They’ll remind you of times long gone by. Times when you didn’t have a care in the world. Here are some of the games that are almost guaranteed to give you that hit of nostalgia.

Tomb Raider

History of Tomb Raider: Blowing the dust off 17 years of Lara Croft

You may not want to use your custom gaming PC to play older games, but it can still be fun. Tomb Raider, although twenty years old, can still entertain and impress. The feeling of total isolation and the driving story line can still be enjoyed today and will no doubt make you smile as you remember all the times Lara was mauled by a lion, plummeted to her death or drowned. Besides, it’ll probably be more of a challenge than you expect. The first game had many people calling helplines or reading magazines looking for solutions to some of the more elusive puzzles.

Tales Of Monkey Island


Monkey Island was a great game that had us all guessing and enjoying the craziness of the characters in the game. It pioneered the point and click genre which spawned two sequels. The puzzles are fun and never too heavy, and if you get the game on steam you can choose to play the game with slightly upgraded graphics, meaning your children can now enjoy it too without scoffing at the older looking pixels. A true pirate adventure like none other, destined to be constantly timeless.

Super Mario 64

A Giant Super Mario 64 Hack That Reinvents The Game

Sure, you may have spent hours on end trying to get all the coins or stars for each level and thrown your controller down in frustration at not being able to find them. But for a real nostalgia rush Mario on the nintendo 64 ticks all the boxes. A true platformer, and one that you and your children can enjoy. You can either buy an old nintendo or use an emulator on your PC. Whatever you decide will be worth it. The game was the first time Mario appeared in 3D, and arguably there hasn’t been a better Mario game since.

Age Of Empires

Age Of Empires Collector’s Edition (Limited Edition)

The ultimate in RTS and city building. Age of empires broke records and it’s a surprise a new iteration hasn’t been released in the past few years. The first one was great, but you may feel more nostalgic about the second one, age of kings, which was far more popular. You can choose from a number of civilisations and do battle on many maps across the globe. Or, there are multiple campaigns to choose from that are guaranteed to send you back in time. There is still a huge following regarding age of empires. So if you repurchase it on steam, you can play all of the old missions and campaigns, and then even test your skills on multiplayer against other users. A true test.

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