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How to Get Better at Minecraft PVP

Have you ever thought of how to get better at Minecraft PVP? Minecraft player versus player combat becomes hassle-free when you follow the proper guidelines. People will stop calling you a noob once you have an excellent combination of game settings, body, and guidelines. 

Practicing general Minecraft skills won’t help much when it comes to PVP. You need to equip yourself with the latest techniques and information if you want to ace the championship. 

As there have been multiple updates recently, it is appropriate to discuss what things can help you improve your PVP skills. They are going to help you from basic to advanced scale level. 

The following are the result-oriented improvement strategies that will certainly help. Each guideline is accompanied by a picture for your convenience.

Minecraft PVP Tips 

1. Accurate Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity is one of the most significant factors that can change the dimensions of your performance. A consistent mouse sensitivity means you need to maintain a reliable balance between the two extremes. You should look into finding the perfect Minecraft mouse for seamless sensitivity adjustment. 

Although most people prefer high mouse sensitivity, it results in inaccurate movements. 

You should avoid going for too high or too low sensitivity settings and instead find the one that works for you. Excessively high mouse sensitivity makes tracking and aiming difficult, while too low sensitivity results in poor movement. 

Therefore, you should go for a mid-way setting that suits multiple aspects of PVP combats. For accurate sensitivity settings, be sure to adjust them according to the mouse you are using

Furthermore, selecting the best mouse sensitivity can be achieved by the trial and error method. Test out the different sensitivity settings to find the one that works best for you. You can’t do any better than this. 

2. Key bind Adjustments on Keyboard

The keyboard is as important as the mouse when it comes to delivering a timely attack. A carefully selected arrangement of key binds can help you in many ways. More specifically, it will help you access items in your hot bar.

Another thing that advocates the adjustments of key binds is that it allows for fast switching between the items on your hot bar without moving the scroll wheel.

In addition to keyboard and mouse settings, you need to have the right mouse pad for the desired accuracy. If you don’t have a gaming-oriented mouse pad that facilitates precise movements, all your settings will be wasted.

3. Stop Spamming Clicks

PVPing in Minecraft requires players to attack the opponents strategically. The timing and frequency of the attack matter a lot when damaging the opponent in the best way possible. 

Deciding how and when to attack is now the critical factor that determines your success in PVP. Using click spam to hit your opponent does not help you at all, as it does little to no harm. On the contrary, you can have the desired output if you plan your attack.  

You can take help from the attack indicator in this regard. It is usually present under the crosshair. Never attack the opponent when the indicator is empty. Wait for a while until it gets full or reaches 90%. 

Whenever you attack the enemy, the indicator gets empty. However, it revives its position within seconds. Changing the weapon also empties the attack indicator. Do not attack unless the indicator is full or close to being full.

4. Utilize Critical Hits 

Many players term these hits as “Crits” because of their potential for rendering excessive damage. You can go for these critical hits if you are in a “downward” or “falling” movement. For instance, you can launch a critical hit if you are jumping off the block. 

In comparison, the damage done by these critical hits is more than 50% of the damage done by regular hits. However, you need to do many things to launch a successful critical hit. Firstly, pay attention to the attack indicator and follow the instructions provided in the previous point regarding it. 

Secondly, you may be unable to generate critical hits if you are sprinting. However, there is a way out. You can successfully render a crit by releasing the “W” button. It will stop sprinting for a while to launch a critical hit. 

5. Strafing

In Minecraft PVP, strafing is the technique you will use to avoid the attack of your opponents. It involves the dodging motion of the player that helps him remain safe from the attacks launched by the enemy.

Strafing is all about being as unpredictable as possible during the fight. You can strafe in any direction continuously to obtain the desired output.

Success in Minecraft PVPing depends largely on strategic management of time. Once you are able to dodge the enemy’s attack, it means you have more chances of winning the contest. 

6. Health Management

Health management is an essential factor that can improve the success ratio of your contest. There are two primary things in this regard. Firstly, you need to analyze your opponent’s health that is usually displayed over his head on many servers, and compare it with your health level. 

You can then formulate an appropriate attacking strategy based on health levels. If the opponent’s health level is lower than yours, you can launch multiple attacks offensively to win the game and vice versa.

7. Utilizing Swords

There are two categories of weapons in Minecraft: swords and axes coupled with shields. Swords, however, have a much faster attack speed than the latter. You can render up to 8 base damage to the opponent every 0.6 seconds by using multiple categories of swords.

In other words, you can render a full damage attack every 0.6 seconds with a Netherite sword.

8. Using Combos

If your opponent cannot hit back because you are striking too hard, you can use combos. However, it requires a full attack indicator for these combos to work. Put simply; you attack the opponent with a full indicator. 

Once he knocks back, re-attack your enemy because the attack indicator gets full during this time. Repeat the process until your opponent is finished.

Besides, you can work on Minecraft Servers to multiply the success ratio at Minecraft PVP.

That’s all from us. Share your favorite Minecraft PVP strategy in the comments below.

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