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Hottest 2018 Video Game Chicks to Know to Pick a Girlfriend

Well, yep, the title may seem quite confusing to you, as girlfriends and video games don’t go hand in hand that well, unless the former are Lana Del Rey’s fans. But female video games characters are quite important when it comes to online Ukrainian dating. We are not talking about how much Ukrainian girls are into video games, although they are pretty much in football. Anyway, if you go to, the very first thing you are going to see is that they are gorgeous, but that’s not the end of the story. You need to understand whom are you dealing with, and hot chicks from video games may help you in it.

Nina Williams from “Tekken 7”

While this assassin has been in the game’s universe for decades, she can still beat up your ass. She would kick you in the face in her high heels, and she’ll be looking as good as Nomi Melone in “Showgirls” (1995). And here is a thing that you should know about Ukrainian girls. They may be kind and seem fragile, but only until you try to hurt them in any possible way, shape or form. Depending on the way, shape or form that you can hurt you, you would face a severe backlash. So, it is better to be careful with Ukrainian girls, as any attempts to hurt them would backfire in your face. Don’t expect them to meek with your being rude.

Nina Williams Cosplay

Anne Takamaki from “Persona 5”

The blonde bombshell may make you want her at the very first glance, but don’t be that self-assured. Despite her red leather outfit, which turns you on immediately, she is busy with purging corruption from human hearts. The western world is full of theories that it is way easier to approach a Slavic girl. But you should be careful with that theory. It may work with other Slavic girls, but definitely not with a Ukrainian girl. Another theory, which is quite popular among men, that women dress beautifully for men. You can see where this theory is coming from, when it comes to Slavic girls. They tend to look beautiful on the daily basis. But, no, they are not doing it for men, they are doing for themselves. So, if you think that she looks splendid, it doesn’t mean that it’s because you are going on a date.

Anne Takamaki Cosplay

Chloe Frazer from “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”

She’s your typical femme fatale, especially when it comes to seducing men. Chloe is dangerous as well, as she can easily shoot your helicopter. Ukrainian women are often portrayed as femme fatale, mainly thanks to their irresistible beauty. But don’t forget the part of helicopter-shooting. We are not telling you that Ukrainian women are actually dangerous, but you need to be careful with them. They don’t like men being silly.

Chloe Frazer Cosplay

So, what we have here? A beautiful seductress that can shoot helicopters. It may sound ridiculous, but Ukrainian women are more or less like that. Of course they are not going to shoot you down, but you if you won’t treat them with the same respect, as you treat those video games’ female characters, your chances on successful dating a Ukrainian woman are extremely low.

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