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There Are Some Pretty Big Movie Sequels Due In 2019… And We Can’t Wait!

Every year the cinemas are always full of sequels, franchises and spin offs. Production companies know what we like and a lot of the time they rarely stray from that medium.

Some reinvigorate the series, while others offer the final nail in the coffin for a movie that is well and truly dying out. 2019 will of course bring us plenty more of these, but there is an awful lot to get excited about across all genres.

With us now entering the second half of the year, we’re finding out more and more about next year’s releases. Here are a couple of our favourites ready to hit the silver screen for 2019…

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Teaser Hints At Comic-Con Trailer

Godzilla is one of the biggest brands in movie history and it’s return back in 2014 was huge. King of the Monsters is a follow up to that but also, incredibly the 35th movie of the Godzilla franchise.

A number of stills and information on the film has been leaked in recent weeks, and it’s all set to be one of the biggest, most explosive Godzilla movie of all time.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


A real family favourite, the How To Train Your Dragon series has really wowed audiences and critics in its past two outings and will return in March next year.

A natural follow on from the second, director Dean DeBlois has claimed that certain aspects of the second movie will take prominence in this upcoming movie and will see all of the best cast members return for the third installment, including Jay Baruchel, TJ Miller, Cate Blanchett and Kit Harington.

Avengers 4

Tom Holland May Have Spoiled Avengers 4 While Promoting Infinity War

The Avengers is perhaps the biggest franchise on the planet right now, spawning all sorts of merchandise, video games and even slot machines. You can’t escape it, even in online casinos with no deposit free spins. With fans enjoying the franchise every single day, it’s no surprise to see the Avengers return and it’s once again set to be a record breaker.

The movie is yet untitled and is a direct sequel to this year’s Infinity War. All the usual suspects return in what will undoubtedly be the biggest box office hit of 2019.

Top Gun: Maverick

What Planes Will Tom Cruise Fly in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’?

Top Gun first hit our screens over 30 years ago, but Tom Cruise is reprising his role for a sequel next year. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the movie will see Maverick mentoring a new generation of fighter pilots and will very much showcase the plights today of US Navy pilots.

That means technology and an even bigger need, need for speed!

Further details are expected to be announced over the coming months, but it’s finally happening following rumours that have been talked about for almost a decade.

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