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The 5 Best James Bond Gadgets to Feature in 007 Films

When it comes to film franchises none come bigger or more long-running than the James Bond catalogue of movies. As such the action spy film series has grown an avid following that is interested in everything 007. One such aspect of James Bond films that is followed closely by the film’s fans and the wider public is the array of gadgets that the British superspy has at his disposal during his adventures.

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With that in mind, this post attempts to find the 5 best James Bond gadgets to ever feature in 007 films. Check them out below:

1. X-Ray Glasses (The World is not enough)

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A good place to start is with the ultimate gadget of all childhood dreams, x-ray glasses. Whether its James Bond or superhero films, x-ray vision is one of the most popular abilities any hero or villain can hope for. Although the James Bond film in which this ultimate gadget features is far from the best in the franchise, Pierce Brosnan sporting some X-ray glasses remains one of the most iconic 007 moments in the series’ history.

2. Rolex Submariner (Live and Let Die)

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James Bond has had the best gadgets in film ever since the first movie, Dr. No, was released in 1962. In fact 007’s gadgets are only rivalled in the interest they garner by the popularity of the next Bond girl. One of the best gadgets to feature in the spy films was James Bond’s Rolex Submariner watch in Live and Let Die. The gizmo featured a spinning watch face that turned into a tiny but powerful circular saw, and also generated an electromagnetic field that could deflect gunfire.

3. Jetpack (Thunderball)

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Although being featured in one of the older James Bond films, 1965’s Thunderball, makes it less realistic-looking these days, James Bond’s Jetpack in the film was a highlight of the movie back then. The Jetpack was capable of working both in the air and underwater, helping to propel 007 in flight or through the ocean as he evaded his enemies.

4. TV Watch (Octopussy)

TV wristwatch – Octopussy (1983) Roger Moore

In a world where smartwatches and mobile technology are all the rage, it’s now easier to relate to some of the gadgets in James Bond films. That includes the second watch to feature in this list which the world famous spy could use to watch TV. With the Apple Watch and other similar gadgets now widely available, James Bond’s TV watch is no longer fantasy, but a reality.

5. Cigarette Darts (You Only Live Twice)

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Nowadays smoking is socially frowned upon due to the adverse health effects it has on users, but there was a time when the habit was considered a ‘cool’ thing to do. As such James Bond once featured a cigarette gadget that fired deadly darts which the spy used on unwitting foes, proving once and for all that smoking does kill!

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With over 25 James Bond movies made and a dozen leading actors taking on the lead role, there are so many iconic gadgets to choose from. That count makes curating a list such as this a difficult task. However, the 5 James Bond gadgets featured above are among the most memorable and awe-inspiring of them all and showcase the array of amazing tech that the spy has had over the years.

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