Working From Home: What do You Really Need?

More and more people are now working from home, whether thats as a freelancer, running their own business or as an employee for a company. And working from home is great- there’s no morning commute, less stress and for some people it can be a much better option. From a bosses perspective, letting employees work from home at least some of the time makes sense. There’s less chance of lateness, or missed time due to things like unreliable public transport, broken down cars or adverse weather conditions. It also makes workers happier, and having the option to do their job from their own comfortable surroundings can be a real luxury for them. Working for yourself, from home can be equally beneficial. It allows you to work even if you have certain illnesses or mental health issues that may prevent you from getting a traditional job. You tend to have more flexibility too, as long as the work is done by certain deadlines then you can structure your day to suit you rather than having a boss breathing down your neck. All in all, it’s a fantastic option for earning money that doesn’t require you to go out to a typical workplace. However it’s not all plain sailing, and there are some things to bear in mind. What do you really need when you work from home?

A Lot of Self Motivation

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Working from home isn’t for everyone. If you find that you procrastinate a lot and get easily distracted then working from home could be a disaster. Without a boss there to keep tabs on you, you need to have the motivation to get things done. There’s no right or wrong, just some people are more suited to working at home and others do better in a structured environment. Think carefully before taking the plunge and deciding you are going to work from your house. Realistically, do you think you will get done everything you need without pressure from someone higher up? Really be honest with yourself here!

A Good Office Space

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When you work from home, it’s easy to lose the balance between work and life. Your work day can end up feeling like every hour that you’re not asleep if you don’t structure things properly. Having a good home office space means you have an area put aside that’s dedicated to work. You know when you’re in this room there’s no messing around, your to-do list for the day has to be tackled and you have to get through your jobs. At the end of the day, you can close the door and switch off from work. Doing this helps to keep you more productive, it allows you to take a much needed break in the evenings and you return to work the next day with fresh eyes. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously, so set up that space where the magic can happen. Ideally it will be a spare bedroom, especially if you plan on working from home permanently. You could extend into the loft or basement, extend outwards with a brick built extension or have a garden room built if you don’t have a spare room. But at the very least, a desk in the corner or your bedroom may do the trick depending on the kind of space you need. For example, if you’re running a business you need to think about space for things like materials and stock.

The Right Equipment

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As well as a decent space to work from, you also need the right equipment to get everything done. You could compare laptops and computers online and see which would be best for your needs, just about everyone who works from home is going to need one so it’s something to get right. It needs to be fast, reliable and powerful. A large desk and chair are also important, you need to be able to sit comfortably for long periods of time while you get things done. You don’t want to be hunched over with bad posture all day or uncomfortable so these are worthwhile investments to make. If you need to store stock and materials then you need the right storage for this. And general office essentials such as a printer, stationery and other equipment will more than likely be needed. Spend some time getting yourself set up so you’re not constantly reaching for things you need to find you don’t have them.

Realistic Expectations

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Working from home can be fantastic and there are tonnes of amazing benefits. However work is still work, and so you need to be realistic. It’s not a chance to skive off or relax, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you don’t have things to get done. Sure, you might not have annoying colleagues but will you miss social interaction? Working from home can be a lonely business. You might get to work in your pyjamas, but will you find this depressing after a while? It can make sense to have clothes that you wear for work, even if you are just sat at home. You need to be aware that working from home isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that there are pros and cons. Some people just find that getting up, going to work and having that pressure from a superior gives them routine, structure and is just what they like and are used to. For others, this is everything they hate about their job, even if the role itself is something they enjoy and are good at.

Have a careful think before you take on a home-based position that it’s really for you. Whether you will thrive in this kind of environment, take your personality and attitudes into account. For some people, working from home can be the ultimate dream!

Times are changing, and working from home is now possible for all kinds of job roles and businesses. Is it right for you?

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