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Modern Workplace Portals

Is it possible to work from anywhere, collaborate easily, and see all the information you need in one place? The answer is “Yes” thanks to modern workplace portals.

Why are more companies choosing updated portals?

3 Tech Skills You’ll Need in the Next 5 Years

Like so many things business-related (well, let’s be honest – just about everything business related) it all boils down to the bottom line. Cash. Money. The stuff we all want more of. As it turns out, most people who are forced to spend all day interacting with complex technology and tough applications dislike it. Brain fade sets in, along with frustration. Productivity slumps. Business suffers.

Don’t Get Left Behind, The Future Is Now

Employees have tried their best to maintain status quo while dealing with clunky enterprise applications, but when a single transaction takes multiple steps to complete, work feels overly complex. That’s where the modern workplace portal comes in. Whether it’s approving purchase orders, requesting PTO, or pulling up customer details, this workfeed provides a single, unified view that looks and feels a lot like a simple social media feed.

How Modern Workplace Portals Transform Business

Up In the Cloud: Modern Business Solutions

The newest portals utilize features such as micro apps that allow for single-click completion of simple tasks. The user experience is smooth, uncomplicated, and lightning-fast, preventing problems such as the boredom and fatigue that causes employees to disengage.

Even though portals like these are life-changing, they’re simple to work with – and that’s the idea. Once implemented, this technology fits into infrastructure that’s already in place, connecting to a business’s existing enterprise systems and interfacing with them so employees never have to dig for information. The resulting package is flexible, expandable, and compatible with all the devices employees might use at the office, in the field, or while working remotely. Extracted data is targeted to individual users, so there’s no need to wade through unnecessary information.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Data Room

Without a portal, 68 percent of employees surveyed reported that they had to toggle between apps approximately ten times per hour. Almost half of those who reported toggling also reported that they lost their train of thought. In the same survey, half of all workers mentioned that they hated navigating apps more than dissatisfying things such as doing chores or paying bills. They even hated it more than dieting.

Guidelines for a Successful ERP Implementation

As you might imagine given the results of the RingCentral survey, productivity and efficiency tend to skyrocket when employees have access to a simple yet powerful tool that puts all the essentials at their fingertips. Once workflows are optimized, everything improves – and the enhanced employee experience trickles down to customers, who are far more satisfied with the service they receive. As a result, business improves. We don’t hear about a lot of win-win situations where companies and their employees thrive – but when it comes to modern workplace portals, everyone benefits.

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