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How to Measure and Improve Your Internet Speed?

Measuring your internet connection speed is something that many internet users do not do as often as they should. Measuring your internet speed has a lot of benefits and you figure them out once you start noticing slight or even major dips in the internet connection or rather the speed of the internet connection. When you face an issue like that, it pretty much is a big help or benefit to having an internet service provider that has a consistent customer service department. Spectrum Customer Service is one of the leading brands when it comes to delivering 24/7 customer service to the company’s clients or customers. The customer service department is also available free of cost on their Spectrum Customer Service helpline plus there is always a representative available for a quick chat about your connectivity issues online on the internet service provider’s official page.

If you measure your internet speed and you see that it shows a slight or even a major dip in the internet speed that is being delivered, then even before making a call to your internet service provider, asking them to complain about your issue or problem. Follow the simple steps that you can take to fully maximize your internet speed.

How to Measure Your Internet Speed?

Plug In, Speed Up: Improving Your Internet Connection

As internet users ourselves, we would advise you consistently keep an eye or check upon the internet speeds that you are being supplied with. This can affect your overall internet performance and satisfaction levels. The reason behind this is that once you start feeling a dip in the speed levels of the internet, then there can only be two reasons through which you experience this. 

One reason is due to some technical faults. These technical faults all lie in the category of breakage in connections, loss of connectivity, misplacement of the equipment, router malfunction, and so on. These issues need to be addressed as quickly as possible, hence, whenever you see or feel that the internet speed or quality of internet that the internet service provider is supplying is below par, then call up the customer service centers and make your issues known. 

The second reason is when you exceed the requirement of what your internet service is providing. This means that the internet plan that you were once extremely comfortable with has remained the same, however, the internet requires that you have has gone up and now you require a new and updated internet plan.

Measuring your internet speed is perhaps one of the easiest things to do, just search in the google search engine the following words, “internet speed check” and you would be directed to many websites that offer this service. You could even, download internet speed check applications onto your smartphones, regardless of them being iOS or Android, from their respected application stores. The result of this test would tell you to want internet speed of download and upload you are getting plus the ping levels that exist in your internet connection. 

Some Tips to Improve Your Internet Speed

11 Ways to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi and Make Your Internet Faster

Below we have given some important and easy-to-do tips that may help you increase your internet speed. These tips allow you to first take matters into your own hands and try to fix your internet connection without having to call up a customer service representative that would probably tell you the same things that we are about to.

Checking Your Data Cap

How to Monitor Your Internet Bandwidth Usage and Avoid Exceeding Data Caps

We can honestly say that one of the biggest culprits or reasons due to which our internet speed starts underperforming is everything related to data caps. This also happens to be the main reason that internet service providers prefer to not advertise their data caps that much unless they offer an unlimited amount. Let’s say that you have an internet connection that only offers 50 GB of the data cap. Once you exceed the 50 GB data mark, your internet service provider would start to substantially decrease your internet speed, hence affecting your levels of connectivity.

Resetting Your Router

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You should do this regardless of whether or not you experience a dip in internet connectivity or speed. This would help in giving the router a well-deserved break and remove any excess cache that may have filled up the device. If you do not have a two-in-one modem plus router, then it safe to say that resetting the modem would also improve things significantly.

Moving Your Router

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By simply moving your router from one place to another may allow for better wireless internet connectivity across the household or area. Your internet connection tends not to be at fault here, since you placed the router in the wrong position. Preferably, the internet router should be placed in the center of the household so that optimal signal quality could be reached throughout the household.

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