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The Growing Popularity of Electric Skateboards

You can go all the way back to the 1960s to see the first incarnations of ‘motorised’ skateboards, however these noisy and often unwieldy boards didn’t take off in the way the inventors would have hoped. Flash forward a few decades though and we find ourselves in a time where electric skateboards are growing and growing in popularity and seem destined to one day take over the skateboarding world.

Here we take a closer look at this evolution and discuss what it is about electric skateboards that has led to such a rise.

A Brief History of Electric Skateboards

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If you check the history books the common belief is that electric skateboards were invented – or at least developed – by a guy called Louie Finkle in the 1990s. As a skateboarding fanatic, Louie created a wireless board that many believe is what has evolved into the models we see being used today.

There are some though who argue that the first ‘electric skateboards’ came about in the 70s from a company called Motoboard. These were boards that connected to a control module by a cord, however, this wasn’t initially very popular and it is from this that Louie took influence with his creation.

If you’re not familiar with them yet, today’s boards can include a handheld throttle that’s used to control the speed and turn the wheels. These are connected to electric motors inside the boards and are often powered by lithium-ion batteries. You can turn them with the same shifting motion you’d use on a regular skateboard.

Why are these Boards so Popular?

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Whatever you choose to believe about their origins, what can’t be ignored is how electric skateboards are well and truly a part of skating life and are very much here to stay.

There are a number of reasons why they’ve proved to be such a success. One big example as this article from The Sun explains is that they can provide commuters with an efficient means of transport – particularly for shorter journeys.

The post details an example of a user riding one across London, but it does come with the big caveat that they’re not technically legal on UK roadways. As such, sticking to the paths and skate routes would be the best options for commuting.

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Another feature that people love is the fact that you don’t need to push yourself – which is an absolute godsend – especially if you’ve ever done this uphill.

Also, a lot of skaters also praise them as a simple reflection of the technological age we find ourselves in; it’s hard to disagree with this when you can even get apps for your electric skateboards that break down your battery life, performance and riding telemetry.

A Variety of Options

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that these innovative creations are lacking the variety you can get with normal boards. There are in fact many different options to choose from with electric skateboards meaning that those looking to invest in one will be sure to find something to fit their style and preferences.

So, if you’ve yet to ‘go electric’ then why not jump on the hype train and make the switch?

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