New Year Office Troubles That Can Hurt Business Performance

Imagine, if you will, your office team as a team of pirates working on a galleon. While hopefully the crime, alcoholism and sea shanties are missing from your office environment (maybe not the sea shanties,)  similar dynamics must be put into play. You need to motivate the troops. You need to ensure everyone is pulling their fair share without being overbearing. You also need to help them through stormy weather through giving the right advice at the right times. However, if your team is not functioning together as a tight unit, new uncharted territory can be a difficult thing to experience, especially if it’s hidden. The new year could be considered this uncharted territory.

A Healthy Office Environment

In the interest of readability we’ll stop the pirate theme here, but seeing yourself as the benevolent captain ready to sort these issues out can truly help you in a multitude of areas.


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It can be very difficult trying to run a team when everyone involved (including yourself) is filled with the flu. The worst part about this is that many times, it affects the whole office over a period of six weeks or so. It’s not as if it places everyone out of action for a week (which would be damaging enough.) Instead, it’s something insidious, as it will drop people from their positions for a temporary period. Not only that, but if staff were honest with themselves a sick day here or there would not be something they really argued against. You can never stop illnesses from coming into the office, as the pursuit would be insane to begin with. You can prevent them from being spawned and spreading there however.

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The right commercial cleaning service, along with placing sanitized gels around the office will allow hygiene to be at a maximum. Giving staff disinfectants to wipe down their keyboards and telephones with after use can also help bacteria from spreading. Encourage staff to always wash their hands after restroom use with friendly signs. Also, encourage people to stay at home if they feel an illness coming on. After all, one person infecting the whole office can be a much worse payment than someone simply staying at home and inflicting their workload on their peers. If you must, consider becoming friendly with a temp agency to fill that position. This could be much more economical for you in the long term.


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The holidays are now over. People have spent around two to three weeks in the warm embrace of the Christmas season, and extra holidays. It’s February, meaning that surely that fatigue should have died down by now? Not so. Usually offices don’t come back to full capacity from an emotional level by March.

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The cold weather and sluggish mornings means that your staff would rather fight Conor McGregor than the fatigue they feel in the freezing mornings each day. For this reason, helping them fight against the latter can work wonders. Try and provide some quality coffee free for all staff in the morning, and potentially allow your staff to come in half an hour later provided they make up that time at the end of the day. Also, continually give words of encouragement. You know they’ll truly need it.

How Changing Your Workplace Can Improve Your Productivity

With these tips, you can find your new year office troubles are nothing against your strong commanding presence. Not a bad way to start the new year.

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