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The Advantages of Looking Your Best

It’s no secret that looking attractive helps you get ahead in life. While it may seem shallow and certainly isn’t fair, it’s been proven that folks with fairer faces have an easier time getting ahead. While many of us don’t feel we fit into that category, the truth is that there’s very little difference between the best-looking people and us. The difference is confidence and a little bit of self care.

Dress For Success

Dress for Success: How Clothes Influence Our Performance

Before we discuss how each of us can Cinderella our way into a better appearance, let’s look at some of the advantages we can expect from looking sharper. Studies show that good-looking individuals are more likely to have a 5% to 10% higher salary, and land a higher starting salary. They’re also more likely to get asked in for a second interview. That’s just the business side of things. Beautiful people are automatically viewed as more persuasive, and they’re given greater credibility. Their accomplishments are taken more seriously. People with good looks also wind up feeling more confident, and their rosier life path often leads to improved happiness. The world also expects to find more socially desirable traits (strength, sensitivity, character) in attractive people, so these folks also have a boost in networking and finding love.

While the previous list may have come off as depressing, it shouldn’t. The truth is, you can look your best in only a matter of months, wowing future interviewers and gaining greater and greater confidence. Often, a poorly maintained appearance stems from lack of confidence, lack of self-love, or even a desire to hide from the world. That’s no way to live the rest of your life! The long and short of it is, you deserve to look attractive. You can look attractive. All it takes is a decision to start.

Talk About A Good Hair Day

The ‘Samson effect’ is real: Men look more successful with hair, study finds

One of your first stops will probably be to alter your hair. Many of us don’t spend a lot of time on our hair, but a good haircut and proper hair coloring can drastically alter our appearance. A man or woman with “in-fashion” hair automatically looks better put together. You can stop in at an establishment such as Crimson Hair Studio or countless others to start getting the best look out of your hair.

Another way you can improve your appearance is to shed those extra pounds. While weight loss is a struggle for many of us, we all deserve to get rid of undesirable weight once and for all–not only for improved attractiveness and the benefits it offers, but for health, longer life, and greater mobility. A vegan diet, or a diet aid such as HydroxyElite can be an effective, pain-free way to lose those extra pounds.

No matter where you’re coming from, or what steps will be part of your journey towards looking your best, we all deserve to get a better shot at life. Don’t wait–start moving towards your best self today.

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