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The Rise of Twitch TV and Live Gaming

With the rise of social gaming, one phenomenon that has also gained popularity is watching other people play. Whether it is pre-recorded footage of players or streaming, it can be strangely fun to watch other people master areas of games you cannot. This has led to the rise of services such as Twitch.

The Twitch service is more popular with people who like to see their gaming live. While some people may not understand the enjoyment of watching others play, it is arguable that it can be compared to watching sports on television. This is one reason that a lot of streams on Twitch are in fact have a huge eSports fan base.

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Another section of the Twitch community is those who play games of chance, skill, or high stakes games. This style of production is more understandable; especially as major poker tournaments are shown on television. As a further proof of point, the fact that eSports are making their way on television too shows the rising popularity of Twitch style streaming services.

To have the streams available for the games, you need to have the players to provide the footage. It doesn’t take too long to see where the impetus to become a streamer can be found, and that is again in cash. If the gamer becomes popular they can have Twitch viewers subscribe to their channel and they are “partnered” with Twitch to make a profit off this money. There is also chances of sponsorship for those lucky enough to gain that type of attention.


Twitch is continuing to grow, and in this growth it is also offering new things. With the growth of the Creative section of Twitch, viewers can watch artists drawing, and painting, they can even watch Cosplayers making their costumes. It appears that Twitch are open to making a versatile service open to anybody who wants to stream their talents out to the world.

While not everybody will understand the popularity of streaming, whether it be on services like Twitch or YouTube, it looks like there are plenty of others who do, and they enjoy it. It is interesting to see how Twitch grows, and where it is leading to. Do you think you have what it takes to be a streamer too?

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