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CS:GO Betting Explained: What Is Counter-Strike Betting?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was originally released in 2012 but remains one of the most popular esports games in the world. There are hundreds of leagues and competitions around the globe, where the best CS:GO teams compete for huge cash prizes. Examples include the ESL (Electronic Sports League), FRAG Season, CBCS Masters and WePlay Academy League.

Due to the incredible popularity of this game, and the esports boom, it is now possible to gamble on esports matches. In this guide, we look at this phenomenon and explain what CS:GO betting is.

Bet on your favorite CS:GO esports teams and win cash prizes

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CS:GO betting is like regular sports betting. There are sportsbooks that offer esports betting on top games like CS:GO, StarCraft II, Rocket League and DOTA 2. Like regular sportsbooks, they show different competitions and matches for Counter-Strike and then provide individual bets with odds.

You can register an account with a sportsbook and use real money to place bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches to win real cash prizes.

How to get started betting on CS:GO

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As you can see, CSGO betting is essentially the same as regular sports betting – the only difference is what exactly you’re betting on! Instead of betting on a physical sport like football or basketball, you are betting on the outcome of a video game match! Below, we provide a simple, five-step guide on how to get started betting on CS:GO.

Step 1 – Find a suitable sportsbook

First, you must pick a sportsbook to place CS:GO bets with! We always advise choosing a sportsbook that has an official gambling license from a regulatory body. This ensures you do not fall prey to fraud or potentially get scammed. 

Also, make sure that they support a wide range of payments methods and that their customer support team is readily available if you experience any issues. You must, of course, also check that they have an esports gambling section.

Step 2 – Check their esport section

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As mentioned, the sportsbook must have a dedicated esports section. You must take this one step further and check that they support CS:GO. Usually, there will be a drop-down menu or a side-bar menu that shows the different esports games available.

Once you are sure they provide CS:GO bets, you can look at the different tournaments and matches they cover. Not every platform will provide bets on the exact same matches and competitions. For example, specialist esports betting sites will typically have far more CS:GO matches and tournaments to choose from – unlike regular sportsbooks.

Step 3 – Register an account and make a deposit

Once you are sure the sportsbook has exactly what you want in terms of Counter-Strike matches and bets, you can register an account with the website.

There is usually a sign-up or register button in the top right-hand corner of sportsbooks. Click on this and you typically have to enter a range of personal details – these could include your name, date of birth, address, email and contact number. Some websites may also require that you enter payment info so you can make your first deposit.

This takes us to the next step – with your registration complete, you must deposit money into your account to place bets with.

Step 4 – Find a CS:GO match you want to place a wager on

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With your account credited, you can now browse the CS:GO betting section, find the game(s) you want, and place your wagers! Make sure that you look at the different bets offered. For example, the most common bet is on the overall outcome of the match. However, some platforms offer additional wagers, like the winner of each round.

Step 5 – Place your bet and watch the match!

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Your bet should be successfully added to the betting slip and it is now a simple case of watching the game and seeing if you win! This can add an entire new level of immersion and excitement when supporting your esports teams. Don’t forget to see if they are using some of the most expensive CS:GO skins too as they play! Also, some platforms do show a live stream of the matches for your convenience.

With the rise in popularity of esports, there are many sportsbooks that have extensive sections dedicated to games such as CS:GO, League of Legends and Rocket League. Indeed, there are also entire esports gambling websites. So, if you are a CS:GO fan, why not show support for your favorite teams and place a few cheeky bets today?

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