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There has never been a better time to be a cyclist. Whether you cycle to work or just for exercise, there are more and more people taking it up.

With increased cycle lanes around the county it is getting more and more viable to make the bicycle your number one mode of transport.

A World on the Move: How Tech Has Transformed Travel

With the elevated number of riders, there have been major developments in the technology of cycling. Here are a few of the latest tech trends in cycling.

E Bikes

Cycle to work day 2018: Can electric bikes ease the commuting nightmare?

One the most popular and innovative advances in cycling is the introduction of E Bikes. These are normal bicycles that also have an electric engine that gives you a little bit of assistance, maxing out at 15mph.

They are most useful when going up any type of incline, they give you the extra boost so you can commute without exerting yourself too much lengthens considerably.

A new standard has finally been developed for measuring electric bicycle range

Brompton Bikes are known all over the world for there unique style and easy to carry fold up design, and they are now available as an E Bike. An electric folding bike you can take anywhere with you, like the train or in to work, and you can charge the battery at home, the office or on the go. You can feel unstoppable in the city with the Brompton Electric bike.

Smart Bike Helmet

An Apple Watch can now be used to activate bike signals on the Lumos Helmet

The Lumos Helmet is the ultimate cycle safety device that also enhances your ride. The helmet crams in LED lights to make you super visible and even clarify your movements to other road users.

The Lumos Helmet features 38 bright LEDs in the back and 10 in the front. This is ideal for visibility but also means your lights are on your helmet so in the daytime you don’t need to worry about removing lights when you lock-up your bike.

Indicator lights are also built into the Lumos Helmet. Connect a wireless controller to your handlebars and a simple finger tap will light the helmet so other road users can see you’re going to turn. It’s less effort than a hand signal and far more visible too.

Zwift App

Get Your Gamer Off the Couch and On the Road to Fitness with This Smart Indoor Bike Trainer

If you have a home training or exercise bike, Zwift is the best way to stay at home but still get your ride done in a group or solo. You can take a ride in virtual worlds with 100km of varying roads all with beautiful backdrops. But it’s the social side of training that really helps.

It is great for pushing your limits because you can test yourself against other riders, and you don’t even need to pluck up the courage to go outside. There are even workouts built with World Tour coaches that you can take on with virtual climbs, recreations of real-world stretches of race roads, plus virtual volcanoes in the backdrop.

So, if you are thinking of starting cycling or just are looking for ways to make your rides more exciting then make sure you look out for this new tech to keep you on the roads.

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