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9 Excellent Tips to Enjoy BetterMe Fitness App to the Max

Some time ago, a friend, seeing that I was hesitant to make a serious “gym commitment,” half-jokingly suggested that I should try a workout app to see if it will get me going. When I asked for recommendations, he drew my attention to several higher-rated health and wellness apps. I have narrowed the impressive list down to one such app that I found was most helpful to me – the BetterMe weight loss and fitness app. And I have some BetterMe tips for you!

Note that I’m not in any way associated with BetterMe 🙂 I’ve just been using it for some time and found the results impressive – well worth the price.

Making the most of BetterMe workouts

    1. Set up a goal and get used to a routine. I can’t stress enough the importance of having exercising habits. BetterMe fitness app helps you do just that while you fill in general info about yourself. Step by step, you see the big picture: current weight versus your dream weight, the body parts you think you should focus on (stomach area, arms, legs, chest area, facial muscles, etc.), intensity and frequency of your workouts.
    2. The next logical step on your way to a healthier life is setting up and following a schedule. Choose the hours and be reminded about the impending BetterMe workout sessions.

    1. Challenge yourself. You’ve already started this when you chose to change your lifestyle and consider physical activity. BetterMe fitness app is a great way to turn your plans into action. The BetterMe 28-day challenge, for instance, lets you have a taste of what it feels like to fall into the habit of working out regularly. BetterMe app teaches you to use your own body weight as all the equipment that you need. Just follow the video-guides!
    2. Pay attention to BetterMe Facebook tips. They have a website, called BetterMe Guru, and a Facebook page with tips on health and beauty. Which is a nice, free and interesting addition to the workouts. By the way, you can look up the app’s rating on Facebook, too, as well as customer reviews.

    1. Try out BetterMe meal plans. Together with custom workout plans and schedules, BetterMe offers diet plans, which are free of charge. The food choices are nice and numerous, ingredients are easy to find and easy to cook. Just substitute your usual meal choices with what BetterMe food plan has to offer, based on the data you’ve entered. Suddenly, calorie managing doesn’t sound as intimidating. Actually, leave a comment – have you noticed any difference in the way you feel after changing your diet? Does BetterMe diet go well along with BetterMe workouts?

    1. Record and follow your progress. Check your weight weekly and let the app tell you how close you are to your goal.
    2. Try BetterMe weight loss app for free! If you’re willing to try this app, you may as well do it for free, at least for some time. If you cancel the free trial at least 24 hours before the trial end date, no deduction of funds will be made. And if you choose to continue using BetterMe fitness app, the sub is automatic, so you won’t lose the access to the app’s features.
    3. Get a Lifetime Premium access. So worth it! This one-time purchase essentially gets you an endless BetterMe “gym” membership, with all types of workouts accessible whenever you want them.

  1. Leave feedback whenever you have anything to say. Whenever and wherever – either send your message via the app itself, or visit BetterMe Facebook page, or let them know what you think on one of the platforms, either AppStore or PlayStore. Looks like these developers are taking constructive criticism seriously and often issue updated versions of the app with less glitches and more interesting and useful features.

BetterMe exercise and diet plans: Is it worth it, after all?

Look, there are as many definitions of beauty as there are people on Earth. Because, you know, beauty is subjective. What isn’t subjective, though, is health. To maintain a certain quality of life, you need to get moving and go beyond the “I walk to my car every morning” limit. The more active you are, the healthier you are, and also the happier.

I am not saying you must push yourself too hard, or get ripped, or participate in fitness championships, or give up some of your most precious lazy habits. Again, exercising is a necessary thing, but it’s not a competition. Go at your own pace! And you don’t have to start this journey alone. Here’s where BetterMe app comes in handy:

    • It’s an app developed for both iOS and Android OS, and can be downloaded from AppStore and Google PlayStore, respectively. Chances are, you own either an iPhone (or other Apple mobile device) or an Android device, so you’re all set to install BetterMe.

  • The app presents itself as a pocket-sized, fully customized gym replacement and somewhat of a personal dietologist – all developed in close collaboration with fitness and nutrition experts.
  • You don’t have to start paying for the app right away. BetterMe fitness app offers a free trial period during which it’s perfectly possible to make up your mind on whether you would like to continue using it or not.

Things aren’t always rosy with BetterMe. Sometimes, users complain about glitches or don’t pay enough attention to billing terms. However, those are just minor setbacks that don’t really affect the quality of BetterMe’s principal feature – getting you to move and eat healthy.

How does BetterMe app compare to other similar apps in its category? It’s a worthy competitor. The app does offer many choices cost and workout-wise, and it’s not just a compilation of random health advice, but a clever selection of expert tips and suggestions.

From having exercised with the app, I have found BetterMe tips on working out and eating healthy quite useful. The weight loss results are also tangible. Just by following the guidance of BetterMe app on workouts and dieting for about four months, this author has lost 24 pounds and gained some much-needed trust in own ability to commit. Also, I have realised I had to change my eating habits, too.

I hope that my break-down of the app’s features will make it easier for you to use it – and have thorough fun! All you need with BetterMe is the determination to change your life.

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