Hay Match Review – Top Reasons to Play Hay Match On Mobile

Hay Match is a puzzle-style game that allows you to test your farming skills in novel ways. Created by Fun Match 3 Games, Hay Match (Beta) brings an entirely new spin on the agricultural scene. If you’ve always wanted to till the soil, and see what sorts of winning combinations you can conjure up – now’s your opportunity. This game is bright and cheerful, and laden with interactive appeal. There are all sorts of farm crops available, including corn, wheat, soy, pumpkins, peppers  cabbage, and other tasty crops waiting to be cultivated.

The game loads up in seconds. It’s great that way. You can either go to the Google Play Store from your PC, or direct from your smartphone or tablet. Next, download the app and pop it open. The game screen reveals a grid of farm crops that you must clear to achieve winning results. You only have a limited number of moves in every game.

Your objective is clear: Match 3 haystacks to clear the board and win great prizes. Hundreds of players have already given this game a 4.4/5 rating, and it’s well deserving of praise. Rich audio-visuals, interactive gameplay and engaging content certainly add to its appeal. It is 100% free to download and install, although there are various pay-to-play elements in the game as well (if you so desire).

The Farm Story Secrets Revealed

Fun Match 3 Games has put together an instant-play adventure that works. As you match various farm crops, so you will win prizes. Each level is associated with a specified number of moves that you can make, and once you’re done, you will advance to increasingly complex levels of gameplay. This interactive Android game features many ways to boost your scores and achieve 3 stars for every level that you complete. Along the way, you will be able to power your way to easier wins with boosters. The screen configurations will change from level to level, to keep things growing fresh. To date, there are 100+ challenging puzzle-style levels for you to play through, meaning that you will never be bored again. This adventure-laden game takes you onto the field of play – literally – where you get to be the farmer with a green thumb. As you swap and match crops, you will advance to higher levels with pretty spectacular in-game features and functionality.

As one of the more popular Android games, Hay Match is really entertaining. If you’ve ever liked farm games, this one will certainly keep you occupied for hours on end. Since it’s rated E for everyone, it’s great for the whole family. You will gain points as you match the produce and clear levels. As far as brain games go, this one is right up there with the best of them. You may think it odd that there is hay in the game, but without it this just wouldn’t be a farm adventure now would it? The beautiful green field in the background sets the scene for a lush adventure of crop up picking fun.

Gorgeous wooden boxes, fresh farm produce, along with crispy and crunchy vegetables are yours to enjoy. Don’t get lost in all the activity – you have a set number of moves to clear levels. That’s where the strategy-based element comes into play. As you advance to higher levels of the game, you will notice your points total increasing accordingly. Players require Android 4.0+ devices to play the game, and you can purchase in-app products if you so require. These range from $0.99 through $104.99. We tested this game out on several top-tier Android devices, and it played out fantastically well. The graphics, animation, gameplay and puzzle-style functionality are pretty spectacular. Ready to go farming? Grab your virtual shovel and fork – let’s get going!

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