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Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free – The Best Recovery Software

Given how easy it is to lose data – whether from accidental deletion, hard drive crash or partition loss – the cost of recovery can be considerable if you take your PC, laptop, or device to a computer repair shop or purchase expensive software recovery systems. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software system is designed to be a simple way to retrieve lost files with no expense.

However, does the data recovery software from EaseUS really work as promised? Considering how expensive some recovery software systems are, does it really provide value for free?

How It Works

You download the software to your computer or Mac. The system itself is easy to install into your computer and the directions will take you through it step-by-step. You can automatically launch the program once it is downloaded if you like.

The menu icon lets you navigate to what you need from the software itself. This system lacks settings, but from the icon you can choose where to start. So, if you need to find a specific file, image, audio, or the like you can start scanning for it using the recovery software. You can select the drive where the information was located and move on from there.

You can choose “Quick Scan” which looks for files that may be readily accessible because they were accidentally deleted. Or, if the files were lost because of formatting, partition, or hard drive issues, you can go for the “Deep Scan” mode. The Quick Scan takes a few minutes and will bring up the files it finds while Deep Scan make take two or three hours depending on the location of the remaining data.

Once the information has been located, you can retrieve it and then save the data in another location. The entire process is straightforward and the software walks you through each step.


The most obvious benefit of the data recovery software by EaseUS is that it is free. Yes, there are upgrades you can purchase which is beneficial for those who have extensive hard drive systems or businesses that retain a great deal of data.

Ease of Use: The recovery software program is self-explanatory and walks you through the process. All you need to know is the files or data that you want to recover and use that to start the search. Each step is laid out so that you understand what to do next.

Simple Navigation: Thanks to the menu icon, you can start the process quickly to find the type of file that was lost. This makes it easier to get the recovery process started so you can bring back the lost files faster.

Upgrade: While the software is perfect for personal computers, laptops, and other devices, you can upgrade the software if you have larger needs. This can be quite handy if you are running a business and storing large files.

In the end, the EaseUS Data Recovery  is the perfect choice for personal computers and Macs. Plus, it can be upgraded to serve the needs of businesses so that you do not have to purchase separate data recovery software.

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