Internet Tips and Tricks for the Ethically Minded

If you were born in the past few decades, then the internet is probably a pretty big part of your day to day life. However, with the big companies running amok, it can sometimes feel that the internet is at odds with your ethically minded, socially conscious self. So is it possible, then, to be an active member of the internet world and resist the really big players who don’t always get things right? Why, of course it is. Here are a few tips to keep your privacy intact and to give a little nudge to the internet overlords that they can’t always have it their own way.

Your Search Engines

Try These 15 Search Engines Instead of Google For Better Search Results

Don’t get us wrong: Google does a lot of good things as a company, but they’re far from completely blameless. They harvest vast amounts of data that is then sold on to marketers who can have even greater control in their quest to make a consumer of you. They’ve also colluded with the government to set up some pretty shady tactics, and just exactly what is there endgame? Needless to say, it’s worth keeping tabs on what they’re doing. Google aren’t your only option for search engine, however. Head over to DuckDuckGo and use a search engine that doesn’t collect any data about what you’re searching. Or you could use Ecosier, a search engine with an absolutely lovely goal – they want to plant trees using the money they make!

Access to Everything

What Everyone Gets Wrong in the Debate Over Net Neutrality

There’s a few shady bills that have tried to be enacted into law, which would have greatly reduced the equality of the internet. They all failed, but still, they’ll be back with a vengeance, and when that time does come it may be that you’re unable to access a particular site if you’re in a particular region. Fair? We don’t think so. Even on a day to day basis, companies are hoarding power over their employees by not allowing them access to specific websites. You can get around this by visiting securethoughts and investing a VPN. You’ll have unrestricted access to the web, an essential ingredient if you want to get your message out there!

Where You Shop

Amazon’s quest for global dominance has been pretty convincing in recent years, and they don’t show many signs of slowing down anytime soon. But Amazon are putting plenty of small businesses out of business, and they’re not that ethically minded in other areas either. Use smaller stores, ones with progressive values, instead. Etsy is a favorite, as this connects you with tiny store owners who often have sustainability and the environment at the core of who they are.

Changing the World Online

YouTube Creators Using The Internet For Positive Change

If nothing else, you can use the internet to keep tabs on all the great things that other people are doing to positively change the world. Take a look at the best websites for social change and become part of the dialogue toward a better world. You only ever get out of the internet what you put in, so visit the ones that are doing their best and leave the time wasters behind!

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