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7 Brain Games To Make You Smarter

If you want to become smarter you might want to play some games that are known to challenge the brain. Brain games don’t have to be difficult and boring. On the contrary, they are often a lot of fun and they give you a feeling of relaxation. Some games you might need to download to your smartphone, and others you can play without any props with one or two friends. Here are 7 brain games that could make you smarter.

Puzzle games

Play a puzzle game on your phone! There are studies that show that puzzles can increase our mental abilities in many different ways. You might experience more motivation by playing a puzzle game like Cube Blast every now and then. You will also feel happier and that is also an important benefit of the best free games for your smartphone.

Photo hunt games

Can you spot the difference? Photo hunt games are fun and challenging. You can spend a little time comparing pictures to find the differences between them. Print out some photo hunt games for when you are traveling or access them on your mobile phone. These games will make you think and will improve your attention to detail.

Guessing games

Guessing games are also fun mind games and these you can play without needing a screen. Take a break from work and play a round with your friends. Try to describe something without saying what it is. Your friends can ask questions about color, material and so on. The first one to guess right wins the round.


Even personality quizzes can make you smarter by showing you who you and your friends really are. Take a quiz and discuss it with your friends. Do you think that the results are right? By taking quizzes you can become more aware of yourself and start thinking about changes you might want to make. This type of insight is something that we can all benefit from.

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Word of the day game

Learn more words by playing the word of the day game. This is a game that you can play at work. Each day one person will think of a new word to introduce to the group. You then have to use the word throughout the day. Find fun variations and enjoy seeing your vocabulary expand while having fun.


This is a bit like the guessing game but you could make an event of it. Charades is also about trying to describe something but here you can’t use words. Challenge your brain and become smarter by learning how you can say something without saying anything at all!


This is a classic game for people who want to become better at strategic thinking. You can’t win at chess without being able to think ahead. Therefore a regular chess game will make you smarter in this sense. Play with a real chess board or use one of the many online games where you can connect with players from all over the world. The more you play, the smarter you get!

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