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Best Addictive Time Waster Games To Play In 2018

Remember flappy bird? Yeah, there went hours of your life. You know what though? You liked it.

It’s good to waste time sometimes, we find ourselves in strange places… grocery stores, doctors offices, the DMV, just the most boring places you can find. Wouldn’t you kill to waste a few of THOSE minutes? of course you would – that’s where your bro InfiniGeek comes in. We searched high and low for the most time wastiest games out there on consoles, mobile, and the web – and here you go, you’re welcome!

Flappy Bird Is Officially Gone From the App Store and Google Play

Games come and go, but since the absence of Flappy Bird has left such a deep void inside us – it’s time to fill it with these awesome games!

Don’t Bite Me Bro

This quaint indie game just came out the other day, and my family can’t stop playing it. The idea is simple, build stuff – and don’t get bitten. Piggybacking on the success of games like Minecraft and Roblox is nothing new, but this simple game takes those elements and puts it on your PS4, where you can have 4 player single screen zombie block action! Give it a try if you are at a loss for a good couch co-op game that everyone can play (seriously my wife even loves this, easy to get into).

Crossy Road

Whenever we are out and about at the store, or waiting in line, my kids never fail to ask if they can play this gem of an android game. Simple pixel construction (see a trend here?) or… DEstruction of little box cars, doing grand theft auto style maneuvers in front of the police. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to simply survive the onslaught of cops and armed forces that get sent to “deal” with your mayhem you are causing by existing in their pixel paradise. See who can get the highest score, and never stop trying to attain that king of the hill bragging right!

Slots Games for Android

10 best slots games for Android

When you get tired of the modern bells and whistles of mobile gaming apps it’s nice to go back to a simpler time. Nothing can beat a classic casino style slots machine. I remember as a kid i’d play these things at the local burger joint that had one of those cool table top “multicade” that had tons of games on it, but i’d always go back to the simple chance of slots – anyone can play that! If you can’t settle on a good one i’d recommend giving Captain Venture bonus and free spins a try, you won’t regret it, lot’s of cool themed games there. Take a break and let it spin! Maybe you’ll even win a few!


Another co-op gem for kids that have siblings, or parents that want to play with their kids – Badlands lets you control adorable silhouettes that need to get to the end of a never ending obstacle course jungle using unique gameplay mechanics such as size increasing/shrinking to get through tight spots. It’s hard to stop once you start, which is great if you are trying to waste some time!


Fortnite cross-platform crossplay guide for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and mobile

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite, seriously… you haven’t heard of Fortnite?! It’s taken the world by storm even getting so much attention that it has reportedly ruined school thanks to it’s mobile version that was just released. It’s a cross platform zombie survival game in which players can either team up or go solo, trying to be the last man or woman standing in a hunger games-esque scenario. The game has risen to fame on YouTube and Twitch, so you know that it’s good. Give it a try, oh, and it’s FREE. Can you believe that?

Pocket Mortys

With the success of the first 3 seasons of Rick and Morty (gotta have that Szechuan sauce Morty!) there’s no wonder why this game is on the list. Pokemon Go is such a popular game, that like Minecraft and even Subway Surfers, it doesn’t need to be in this list since you’ve probably already played those to death (if you haven’t check them out!). In a pocket monster style game where all you do is obsessively collect your Morty’s (to find the rickest Morty) it can not only take over your time, but your entire life. So be careful as you cross dimensions in search of the next Morty high. Definitely pick this one up if you are a fan of the show, even if you aren’t – it might enlighten you to the greatness of Rick and Morty!

We hope you have enjoyed this list of some apps that can speed time up and leave your boredom behind! If you’ve played some of these, or have an addition to the list, let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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