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Best Addictive Time Waster Games To Play In 2018

Remember flappy bird? Yeah, there went hours of your life. You know what though? You liked it. It’s good to waste time sometimes, we find ourselves in strange places… grocery


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3 Great Shows For New Anime Fans

Anime used to be a niche genre that a lot of people didn’t like. It got a bit of a bad name and people generally thought it was a bit


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Different Online Game Types to Try

Even if you are a big gamer, sometimes you get sick of playing the same type again and again. Obviously, the internet has opened up a whole range of choice,


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Camera Tech: Two Ways To Take Extreme Photos

Have you been developing your photography habits this year? The pun was intended. If not, then with the increase in ways to take your photos, you could use the camera


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Fall & Winter Films: 10 We Can’t Wait For

All things considered, 2013 has been a slow year for the film geeks among us. Sure, there was “Gatsby” to get everyone excited early; “Iron Man 3” and “Man Of