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Protecting Your iPhone: Why You Need More Than Just a Pretty Case

Let’s be honest: No version of the iPhone is indestructible. For something that can survive, say… a 900 ft. drop with its screen in tact, you need a Droid Turbo 2. But the people have spoken. They would rather have an iPhone with a cracked screen, than a Droid without a scratch on it. Clearly, indestructibility is not a priority for buyers of high-end smartphones.

It seems the masses have decided that they can always just put a case on the iPhone. But even that decision is not leading to significantly fewer shattered iPhone screens. What people don’t seem to realize is that protecting an iPhone requires more than just a pretty case. Here’s how to choose a case that will keep your iPhone looking good, as well as in one unshattered piece:

Go High-tech

Bodyguardz Unequal iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus Shock Case

Not all cases are created equally. In fact, at least one of the brand-name iPhone 6 cases is decidedly unequal. That is because of the application of a high-tech material branded, UNEQUAL. It is used to protect athletes on the field. And now it is being used to protect your text messages and family photos.

The beauty of these cases is that they offer beauty as a feature. While a protective case is not required to be good looking, this line of protective cases happens to check that box. One variant even comes with a clear, frosted back.


But beauty means nothing if the phone dents and cracks with impact. The video prominently featured on the site should eliminate any concern over impact vulnerability. There have been a number of protective cases that have relied on high-tech materials. Pick the one that’s right for you. It is hard to go wrong when high-tech protects your high-tech.

Go Big

Trident Case 4.7-Inch Aegis Design Series for Apple iPhone 6/6s

Sometimes, the best protection is a lot of protection. What high-tech cases do is replace a lot of bulky material with something a lot slimmer and sleeker looking. But if you wrap a blanket around otherwise unprotected iPhone and drop it out a window, it will be just fine.

There are plenty of cases that go for bulk over style. They don’t use any special material. But what they use, they use a lot of it. This method works well for a lot of people. Many find the iPhone 6 to be as slippery as a bar of soap in a shower. Perhaps they are coming from an Android phone. Perhaps they want to use their mobile device instead of a PC for gaming.

iPhone 6 Case, Caseology® [Envoy Series] Premium Leather

For whatever reason, they prefer something large and bulky, as it gives them something substantial they can grip. So when you don’t want to protect with tech, go big so that your iPhone can make it home.

Don’t Forget the Screen

iPhone 6/6s Case – PureView Clear Case for iPhone 6/6s (4.7″)

Far too many products protect every surface of the iPhone except the one that is most vulnerable to damage: the screen. While a scratch on the back is disappointing and unsightly, it can be easily overlooked. After all, how often do you stare at the back of your iPhone?

iPhone 6S Case Crystal Clear, Hybrid Bumper and Screen Protector

However, once you see even a small scratch on your screen, you can never unsee it. Many avoid the hassle of installing a screen protector because it is just that: a hassle. To address this challenge, Apple has been rolling out screen protector installation programs in its retail stores.

Scratch Protection

iPhone 6/6s Case – Silk Armor Tough Case for iPhone 6/6s (4.7″)

There are very few scratch resistant surfaces out there. And the iPhone is made of none of them. That is where the pretty cases come into play. While they offer nothing by way of drop and impact protection, they do allow you to set the iPhone down on any surface, including brick, without fear of scratching that precious metal and glass.

Sometimes, these cases are nothing more than glorified stickers. Sometimes they just add a splash of color. It is easy to dismiss them as mere vanity plays. But even the least substantial iPhone case serves a protective purpose.

Use high-tech, or bulk. Protect the back and the front. Safeguard against impacts or scratches. Whatever level of protection you desire for your iPhone, there’s a case for that.

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