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Top Enhancements For iPhone 6s

The iPhone 7 rumors are flying fast and furious these days, with talk of everything from a pressure sensitive home “button” that’s really not a button at all to a powerful dual camera. And this phone’s big 2017 release will no doubt be, like all Apple releases, an exciting time for the brand’s fans. But gaining early adopter status is expensive and can involve lots of queuing.

So what if you could take your iPhone 6s and make it just a little more like the 7? It’s not only about rediscovering what was great about the 6s but also upgrading the device with accessories that make an old phone feel new.

A grown up photo lens

AUKEY Optic Pro iPhone Lens, 3x Optical Zoom Clip-on Telephoto (shot by @andysowards)

A photo is only worth a thousand words when it’s crystal clear and while iPhones tend to take top notch pics, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. The award-winning 4-in-1 Lens from Olloclip is one add-on that can up your photography game without adding a lot of bulk. These compact budget-friendly lenses give you fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x and macro 15x capabilities while adding less than an ounce in weight. On the other side of the spending spectrum there are the Apple exclusive lenses that came out of the collaboration between lens master Zeiss and ExoLens.

A cooler case

bkeeni – 2-piece case for iPhone 6 & 6s

The two-piece Bkeeni phone case is one of the few protective compact cases that will show off your device’s assets. Whereas Lifeproof and other hardcore cases provide excellent protection, they leave the otherwise slim and sleek iPhone looking and feeling bulky (not to mention totally invisible). Bkeeni uses a special plastic blend to protect without adding heft. While a new case won’t boost your iPhone’s functionality it will make your previously sheathed phone seem like a totally new device.

A better carrier

T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit

Did you know that T-Mobile is rated number one in both customer satisfaction and for data speeds and coverage? Plus T-Mobile’s price structure is one of the best deals out there for new and older iPhone devices. If your phone has ever seemed sluggish it may not be the device but rather your network. Switching carriers can take your iPhone’s functionality to the next level.

A better speaker

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

At under $60, the Anker A7908 compact Bluetooth speaker turns your iPhone 6s into a multi media powerhouse. It delivers surprisingly robust sound for such a small speaker and has a battery capable of 20 hours of continuous playback between charges.

A power station

mophie Powerstation XL (12,000mAh)

Need a quick boost of juice to extend the life of your iPhone? For when outlets are nowhere to be found, the mophie powerstation provides fast and reliable charging for everything from your iPhone to your iPad.

A more secure device

Here are the coolest things you can do with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

New device releases often mention upgraded security among the updates but there are plenty of ways to make an iPhone 6s more secure right now. For instance, you should set up Touch ID with a stronger passcode. Bypass the four-digit passcode prompt and then go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode to switch off Simple Passcode and choose a longer passcode that includes alphanumeric characters.

You should also turn off lock screen notifications. Securing data is sometimes a matter of hiding it from prying eyes. Lock screen notifications can broadcast sensitive information via snippets of messages, email and app updates. To edit notification settings, go to Settings > Passcode (or Touch ID and Passcode) > Allow access when locked and disallow most apps from posting to the lock screen.

When it launched the iPhone 6s was like a revelation. The 3D Touch screen, a better processor and a sharper rear camera plus 4K video were just some of the improvements that inspired record sales. But while Apple devices wow when they’re released, no iPhone stays perfect forever. The accessories and tips above can bridge the gap so that an older device still feels like something you had to stand in line for.

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