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The Future of the Gaming Industry

The video game industry has had a long run at this point, and while much has changed, the core of video games revolves around the screen – traditionally a pretty big one (if you like your games!). Times are changing though, the future is now, and right around the corner an even cooler future awaits us.

Our screens are getting smaller, and our screens are about to change dramatically as we step into the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Here are just a few reasons why we can’t wait for more.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Six Flags roller coaster takes new twist with virtual reality

The future of the gaming industry isn’t just affecting itself, it touches almost every industry out there. One notable example is the amusement park industry, where Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL has upgraded it’s classic “The Demon” roller-coaster to have a virtual reality component that allows you to literally shoot Gargoyles while on the ride, thanks to brand new Samsung Gear VR headsets. They aren’t stopping there either as the park plans to leverage virtual reality to bring new life into their business according to the Chicago Tribune.

Other industries can take note, and in fact, many already are. You can already fight zombies at Zero Latency – a hip new virtual reality venue that you can visit in real life, just to suit up and get out of this world. With VR Tech getting cheaper and easier to use – the latest and greatest is accessible to every business, all you need is to get a hold of a few Oculus Rifts, headphones, maybe a mic to let players communicate, and a CPU in a backpack with some sensors and you are good to go!

Fightings zombies with Zero Latency is virtual reality gaming at its best


It’s just a matter of time before Virtual Reality graduates from the retail space and dominates online. Can you imagine playing Zelda, or World of Warcraft online with all of your friends in your room – but really feeling like you are somewhere else? How about even seeing your favorite band perform live without having to be there? The VR devices will enhance gaming and lead to more pleasure and more freedom while playing online games. Virtual reality has the capability to transcend time and space like no other tech, and it’s going to change the way we entertain ourselves – saving us time and money while enhancing all of the experiences that are possible.

VR is in it’s infancy – sure we have 360-degree video on facebook, and we can put our phones in a headset and it works great, but the fully immersive systems are coming and they won’t feel like a phone strapped to your face. Systems like the Oculus are currently too expensive for most consumers to get into the game – but with it’s success the prices will drop. Microsoft has been wowing us with it’s Hololense tech for quite a while, which is where virtual reality really shines – when combined with Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality

With the success of apps like Pokemon Go, we will surely see a boom in this area, especially when coupled with VR. Pokemon go may have came and faded from it’s glory of the first few weeks but we haven’t seen that last of it – or copycat apps and startups that want to leverage the same “Real Time” hype and fun that this game created.

The Future of Gaming is going to be interesting as factions form around pure VR and VR mixed with AR, as some people are going to want to escape reality altogether, and some are going to want to enhance their reality with fancy interfaces and stats like some 90’s sci-fi movie. Only time will tell what direction we head into next, as no one can predict the future – since what the future is always changes.

What trends are you most looking forward to in the gaming industry of the future? Let us know in the comments below, thanks for reading!

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