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Mind Blowing Tech Advances To Knock Your Socks Off

It seems that technology moves forward so quickly these days that before we know it, we’re all going to be having robots in our home doing all those mundane tasks. But, before we get there, technology needs to advance, and right now there are so many exciting and mind blowing technology advances that I thought I would share with you some of the main ones that are taking shape. I guarantee that some of these will knock your socks off and you will be as excited as we are for the future of technology as it takes shape.

We live in a world where technology is constantly evolving. New advances are being made all the time, and it can be difficult to keep up with them all. But some of these advances are truly mind-blowing, and they have the potential to change the way we live our lives.

Here are a few examples of mind-blowing tech advances that are already changing the world:


Google glasses

I think many of us were impressed with smartphones when they started to take shape. The thought of talking to our phones and asking them to bring up information was once a mind blowing feature in itself. Swiping for text messages or to answer a call it really was advanced technology at it’s finest. But Google has taken this one step further and create the Google glasses that will enhance your smartphone and internet browsing experience. Imagine cooking and seeing the recipe right before you as you are chopping those onions or dicing that meat. It displays information in a smart phone like view and enables you to be completely hands-free, or even be multi-tasking and also enables you to talk and give it commands for the information you want to view.


Self-driving cars

Driving is an extremely tedious task if we’re honest with ourselves, whether you are in an automatic or manual transmission car, there are times where you wish to hand the wheel over to someone else. Google and Bing are in the process of nearly commercializing self-driving cars that will completely change the way we do our personal commutes in our daily lives. It has been in testing periods for a long time but the future of automated driving cars will soon be upon us. Imagine just jumping in your car on the way to the office and being able to read your paper in peace. It has already started with many other manufacturers adding self-drive functions to their cars. For example, some Ford models have self-parking features and also will put on the brake if you are getting too close to other vehicles on the road.


Virtual reality

In today’s stores, the likes of Samsung have released a virtual reality headset that you can combine with your smartphone. This has taken gaming to the next level, but that isn’t the end of the story for virtual reality. Virtual reality was advanced with gaming in mind, but now it has taken steps to helping people with anxiety and phobias as a form of exposure therapy. There are also other uses for 3D design and architecture purposes. The oculus rift has been released this year and is currently the property of Facebook. But who knows what else is in store for virtual reality. Perhaps in the future, we can just put on our headsets and begin work from the comfort of our own beds, or is that the dream?

3D Printers

Forget printing, although years ago that was a mind blowing thing, you can now create objects with a 3D printer from your computer and design. Many people use 3D printers now to develop prototypes of products, but they can also now be used for short-term manufacturing where the item produced is the end product. What is amazing is that anyone can get there hands on a 3D printer to create items, and a DIY printer is one of the cheapest and most customizable ways to do it. But you may be wondering what the best diy 3d printer kits are? Thankfully there is a wealth of information online to satisfy your curiosity.

50+ Best 3D Printing Creations

Even better robots

We’re not unaware of robots, especially with some of the most advanced workings of your imagination featuring in Oscar award winning films from Hollywood. But now the workings of those dreams are fast becoming a reality as robots are becoming something and will be very evident in our futures. We see more factories using robots to create products, and even the likes of Artificial Intelligence could be making an appearance in our homes at some point in the future. There are even vacuums that plug into the wall and then will automatically go round your home and clean them, if that’s happening and on the market right now, who’s to say we won’t have live in robots taking care of other tasks in the home.


Cybernetic implants

It is always tragic to see talent go to waste due to the physical loss of a limb, be it an arm or a leg. We see it more in the news each day, especially with some of the awful things happening overseas. Normally, people would get a plastic prosthetic that would simply just serve a purpose to aid in the quality of life. This new cybernetic limb has some amazing features that will blow your mind. The arm is truly a breakthrough in the field of medicine. The arm can additionally take commands from your brain waves and signal transmissions directly, allowing you to actually move your 21st century prosthetic like the real thing. This will be able to give amputees a second chance at being able to live once more and revive their talent or trade without fear.

Sadly, the Japanese company that created the cybernetic implant have currently put new orders on hold while they fulfill previous ones. They are not prepared to submit the schematics so for now, we wait until this becomes a wider technology to be benefited from.


Google’s new way of interacting with devices

Google has given you a whole new way to interact with your devices, Through aerial gestures, you are now able to control your device. How crazy is that? This made its debut recently when Google showcased the potential with a smartphone. This is a whole new level of consumer interaction which has truly set the bar for using your phone without touch. This not only has applications for smartphones but it could soon branch out to all kinds of electronic devices in your daily life! A few years down the line, you will be able to completely operate almost all electronics in your household with simple touch gestures.

I hope this has excited you about the future of technology.

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