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Social Card Games like Online Rummy Redefining Entertainment

When it comes to card games, it is hard to imagine India without rummy. As the most popular social card game, rummy has enchanted millions of Indians over the decades. Rummy denotes many things to the people who play. While it is a sheer fun of playing the game with family and friends, it is a skill game that with loads of rewards to the majority of online gamers.

Over the years, with the game moving to the digital platform, it has added more excitement than before. The game has grown beyond its limitations of being played in small groups. Today, it is a legal game to play where millions of rummy players from India and across the world play online rummy both for entertainment and for its real cash rewards. The virtual format of the game has transformed the game and is redefining entertainment in a new way to suit the sensibilities of the internet era.

Several factors have catapulted the growth of the rummy online to become the mainstream entertainment of the internet generation. A few are discussed below.

The changing face of the Indian gaming industry

The Growth of Online Gaming in India – A Walkthrough

The changing face of Indian gaming industry which took its genesis in the early 1990’s has come a long way. With just a handful of game developers in the early days, today, the Indian gaming industry is in a phase of rapid expansion. The industry which was valued at INR 30.8 billion in 2016 is estimated grow to INR 71 billion in the year 2021. The much-needed thrust for the growth of online rummy came with the establishment of many online rummy sites that were successful in taking the traditional card game to the online platform.

The growing internet population

India is home to the second largest internet population in the world. The internet penetration to towns and remote villages in the country has also helped the growth of the online rummy industry. According to the report from Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the internet penetration in the urban area has been 64.48% and rural India has been 20.26%. It is expected that there would be around 500 million internet users in the country by June 2018. With the online gamers’ exploring entertaining and easy-to-play game options, online rummy fits the bill perfectly. Also, being a popular traditional card game, it has been successful in recreating the same popularity, in fact better by manifold, with its virtual version.

The mobile revolution

With the world’s second-largest smartphone users in the county, the mobile revolution has been catalytic to the growth of mobile gaming segment, especially online rummy. The limited access to PCs and console games led to the growth of mobiles as the most preferred gaming platform. The availability of low-cost mobile devices and the surge in the number of mobile internet users has been instrumental in making online rummy the most popularly played online games on the mobiles.

A feature-rich game

The captivating graphics and visuals apart, the game has been successful in garnering a huge number of players due to it unmatched features of the game. Online rummy sites offer a rich gaming experience to their users in terms of game variants, rewards and offers, transaction facilities, security features and above the ease with which users can enjoy the games. With the availability of mobile apps, they provide a seamless experience to their players and enable them to enjoy the game anytime anywhere.

Online rummy on the growth trajectory

Which online rummy platform offers a user-friendly experience?

Growing at the rate of 30-40% year-on-year, it is expected that the online rummy game industry is estimated to contribute 40% of the INR 50.7 billion Indian game industry growth estimates for the year 2020.  As one of the trending games, online rummy’s future is brighter than before. In the coming days, online rummy websites will have a profound role to play in their contribution to both the industry and the gaming experience.

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