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Hiring Made Easy: How Outsourcing Has Changed the Way Companies Hire in the Tech Age

The digital age has triggered an evolution in the way companies approach hiring. So far, most developments have undoubtedly been positive. Companies are able to increase efficiency, find the best talent, and even extend their reach. Outsourcing has also given rise to exciting new recruitment services that all but eliminate the tedious hiring process.

Outsourcing is opening a whole world of possibilities for companies of all sizes to reach their full potential.  

Filtering Out the Talent Pool

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By expanding their reach, outsourcing has allowed companies to access the best talent regardless of physical location. Any work that can be done remotely, namely IT, is no longer tasked to whoever is available in the respective department. The rising popularity of outsourcing has led to some exciting new platforms like CodeFights recruiter, a service that matches some of the most qualified candidates on the market with in-demand roles at major companies like DropBox and Asana. Recruiters like CodeFights are able to fully vet potential candidates by skill and experience before companies waste their own time thumbing through endless resumes. This also drastically reduces the risk of a bad hire, which can cost a company an estimated $240,000.

Increasing Your Competitive Edge

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The ability to get the best talent on your team is obviously a key to staying competitive. What’s more, companies can also expand their team as needed by taking on as many recruits as they require. Many freelancers are contracted by individual projects, or specific tasks. Companies lighten the workload of fulltime, in-house employees, allowing them to focus on other company goals. The best part is that freelancers are working at a significantly reduced rate, as they generally do not receive any benefits from the company. Freelancers are fully aware that in this ever-connected world of remote work, competition can be fierce. Most offer their services at very appealing rates that can amount to a fraction of what the company would pay for another in-house employee.

Paving the Way for Entrepreneurship

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One of the most exciting things about outsourcing is how it is starting to spur entrepreneurship and helping smaller companies gain some ground. Busy business owners can now outsource their daily tasks and focus on the bigger picture, building their company and pursuing their dreams. The lowered cost associating with outsourcing makes it accessible to anyone, whereas most start-ups used to struggle with finding good help to meet their needs and budget.

In this new and exciting age of technology, outsourcing has had a massive impact on business. Companies are embracing this opportunity to seek out the best of the best, saving a significant amount of money and completing milestones at a faster rate than ever. Even smaller businesses are able to take advantage of outsourcing as a means to expand and accomplish projects that would have otherwise been impossible on a start-up budget. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the business world will likely turn more and more to the benefits of outsourcing.

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