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How to Make Your Tech Last Longer

Remember to handle it carefully as you use your gadget for either writing or searching for a geek writer. You may need to save some cash for stationaries or other academic expenses other than buying new devices every time. You, therefore, need to care for electronic gadgets and save some money for other activities. The Cost of replacing your gadget with a new one may be too high.

Whether you have enough money for a new gadget or not, it is essential to take good care of your device. It saves the manufacturers resources and time for designing another one for the market. Some of the challenges necessitating you to buy a new device may be minor that need a low budget. Here are some of the tips you can try to prevent spending on a new appliance.

Confirm the battery 

Batteries need frequent checking for your device to last longer. Batteries have a limited lifespan and need periodic replacement. If your smartphone or laptop has some issues, begin by checking on the batteries. Most smartphone batteries may serve you for about two years, while computer batteries may last for up to three years.

You can check the battery’s health in various ways depending on the type of gadget you may be having. Some devices allow you to confirm the battery’s health on their setting. Other gadgets may allow you to download applications to monitor your battery life to change upon depreciation.

Always pay attention to your battery’s capacity and change when it goes below the required mark.

Regular cleaning 

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Electronic gadgets need regular cleaning. Dirt and debris may clog inside your device, reducing its performance and performance lifespan. Ensure you carry out routine cleaning to get rid of piled dust and other dirt that can make your gadgets overheat or spoil. 

For devices such as mobile phones, check inside the charging ports. Dust and food material may clog inside to slow charging.

For your computers, carry out a yearly blowing. Remove the casing and blow away dust and hairy materials that may be accumulating on the fans. Aerosols or vacuum cleaners can help you remove the gunk.

Decluttering of data 

Your device may contain a lot of unnecessary data that slow operating speed and reduces your gadget’s lifespan. Maybe you have a lot of unfinished research statements that you don’t need? Set your reminder for a yearly Decluttering. Some widgets have applications that let you know the apps which contain unnecessary data that needs removal.

For computers, open them and sort the files to identify files that you haven’t used for about a year. Delete such files to free up space.

Purging files may be cumbersome. Some android devices allow you to insert the memory card and transfer data from your phone, freeing up some space. Computers allow you to insert a hard disc and transfer content from the computer, which frees up faster operations.

Protective casing 

Most individuals with smartphones understand how to wear cases and protect their devices from the impact of an accidental drop. The casing has a material and design that absorbs shock and prevents the device from spoiling. A suitable case should absorb the impact from falling on the gadgets, sides, and corners.

Get professional to fix your device

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If you are experiencing any complications while using the device, find someone to fix it for you. It may be much economical if you repair a minor issue than going for a new replacement. Find a competent technician who can repair your gadget perfectly. You can find out how people review the technician’s job before getting the most competent one. 


If your electronic device develops or losses functionality, that is not the end of the road. Instead of spending on another new electronic, consider repairing the one you may have and save on your cash.

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