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Top 5 Organization Apps for Graduating High School Students

Being a graduate student is so overwhelming. Have you ever wished there were few extra hours in the day? It may seem like you are living in chaos as you have so many things to keep track of – dealing with the exams, choosing what to wear for prom, thinking about the university and organizing a party. Your typical school day probably includes presenting a project, completing assignments and doing some tests. It is so easy to get stressed! But don’t worry. There are a bunch of useful apps available to help you stay organized.

The best back-to-school apps for studying

Here are top 5 time management apps for students that will make your life easier. Have a look and choose something that will work best for you!


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As a graduate student, you have a massive amount of notes. Evernote is one of the best apps that will help you to keep everything in one place. It allows you to write notes, checklists, and researches. This app is perfect for those who quickly forget their greatest ideas as you can make a note just in a second. You can share your notes with others and create a presentation right within the app. Did we mention that it is also an audio recorder, which you can use to record parts of a lecture or ideas for a research paper? Evernote is available for iOS and Android, and it is all for free! It is one of the best productivity apps on the market, and it is a must-have for a graduate student.


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It is a to-do list app which is really simple to use. It helps you stay on track and meet your deadlines. It only shows you what you need to do today, so you can stay motivated and focused on the current things. Whether you are trying to read more or manage your day, Taskful is the right app for you.  You can also do a long-term planning and goal setting by using this app. Just start by typing in your big project or goal and add as many subtasks as you want. This app is designed to help you get stuff done. Wouldn’t it be one of the best planners for college too?

myHomework Student Planner

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Homework is a part of learning. Whether we like it or not it will always be there. This student agenda app offers a class scheduling feature. Use it to organize your calendar and track your to-dos. It supports several fields like title, due day, due time and priority. By making a schedule, you will see how many assignments you have and whether you still have time to accomplish them. If there is no time, then you can use assignment writing help and focus on some other project. MyHomework syncs across devices, so you can easily access your planner anytime and anywhere. By using this planner, you will become a better student, and you will easily ace all the exams. The free version of this app contains ads and has fewer features, but it is still very helpful. MyHomework is one of the most popular homework tracking apps with over a million downloads. How come you still don’t have it?

Self Control

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Let’s be honest we all get distracted very easily. There is a new notification on Instagram or a new friend request on Facebook. How to resist it and continue working on the project? Self Control app blocks your access to the internet for a certain period of time. You can also choose to block some certain sites or other apps. Until the time is over, you will not be able to access those sites, no matter how many times you will restart your computer or delete the application. This app will help you stay organized and avoid distractions while studying. Maybe it will finally help you to finish that paper! Self Control is a free application available on Mac.

My Study Life

Get your grades in order with the free My Study Life app

It is a perfect school planner which is designed to make your study life easier to manage. It lets you input your class schedule and all your assignments to each class. Also, you can add the information about your professors, their email addresses or office hours. This school calendar app will send you reminders about incomplete tasks, exams or upcoming deadlines. My Study Life syncs your data between devices, so you can use the app wherever you are, even offline. Say goodbye to your paper planner! This app is everything that you need, and it is completely free! It is available on Android, iPhone, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

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Get the most out of your smartphone by downloading some of those apps. As a graduate student, you will quickly find yourself with a million things to do, and there is no sense in stressing out. Those helpful apps will let you ace your classes, stay organized and avoid the stress.

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