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Stay Connected! Find out the 7 Best Group Conference Call Apps

Are you looking to stay connected with others? Whether it’s work or personal, check out the 7 best group conference call apps today.

At a time when the world needs to work from home, everyone needs to stay connected. Video conferencing offers the perfect way for business colleagues to communicate but which apps are best for group chats?

Some group conference apps offer multiple HD quality. Some place restrictions on the number of callers. Some are totally free while others charge a fee.

This article reveals 7 of the best group conference call apps. So read on to discover which group voice chat apps are best for you.

1. WhatsApp

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The most downloaded app at the start of 2019 just got a boost.

You can now host up to four people in a group chat anytime, anywhere. The service is free, and all calls are encrypted end-to-end. Apps are available for most Android and iOS devices and all you need is a working SIM.

2. Skype for Group Conference

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Microsoft’s video conference software supports up to 50 people on a call. It works on multiple platforms including mobile devices and a Windows PC.

If you use MS Office, Skype allows you to share PowerPoint slides and documents on a video call. Android conference calls have the same quality connection as your laptop. You can also make the video full-size to make the most of your screen.

3. ConferenceTown

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ConferenceTown is a totally free conference call service. Unlike other apps, it offers:

  • No time restrictions
  • HD conference quality
  • An unlimited number of callers!

You can hold as many conferences as you need and read detailed call reports. With no hidden fees, this is one to watch.

4. Zoom

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Zoom rose to prominence when the COVID 19 pandemic began. It offers up to 1,000 video call participants and 10,000 viewers.

Zoom received some negative press due to concerns over privacy and call security. Zoom Bombing saw third-parties interrupt calls.

However, many schools and non-profit companies continue to use the app. The service is available on the app stores and via a web browser.

5. Google Meet

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Originally Google Hangouts, Meet integrates with Gmail to create group video chats.

It’s available as a conference calling Android app and online. It’s part of the GSuite of business tools that start at $12 per month but there’s also a limited free version.

6. UberConference

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Supports up to ten participants for free. Has a feature-rich interface to let you block noisy callers and accept new chats mid-call.

The business version allows up to 100 participants and there are no PINs required.

7. FreeConference

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This free software accepts up to 100 simultaneous video calls. It also accepts international dial-ins from 16 countries for those without an Internet connection.

Moderators have full control over group chats and can share screens with others easily.

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Now you know the top group conference apps available in 2020 we want to hear your opinion.

Do they live up to the hype? Are there better services you use? Any you wouldn’t recommend?

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