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Benefits of Video Collaboration To Your Business

Video collaboration is advancing at a very fast rate and you’d be hard-pressed to find a workplace where people don’t utilize it. From Microsoft Skype to Cisco WebEx, it’s a large part of the business world, regardless of what industry you work in. With the Surface Hub 2 on the horizon, looking to release early in 2019, the industry is only going to get bigger with more ways for us to collaborate with each other.

The Importance of Video Collaboration in the Workplace

Take a look at the benefits of video collaboration to your business and if you haven’t jumped on the wagon, you should!


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One of the biggest benefits and the most important, video collaboration has been designed for ease-of-use in mind. There’s very little point developing technology to be used by all workplaces when it’s very hard to setup and use.

Microsoft, Cisco, Google and every producer of video collaboration devices have made it clear that our opinions on the usability of their product is of the highest concern.

That’s why when using the Microsoft Surface Hub or Cisco WebEx Teams for example, it’s incredibly easy to connect and begin collaborating with each other. With a click of a button, you can see and hear each other, you’re able to share documents and screens and discuss projects. It’s this flexibility that makes utilizing a video collaboration device unrivaled when comparing to other methods of working.


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A big benefit of video collaboration devices is that they set out to enable any person, on any device to connect and join in the meeting. Gone are the days where you need a specific make of laptop or can only connect with one desktop computer. As businesses and workforce become more mobile, so does the technology. It needs to adapt to allow for people to connect with their mobile phones if they’re away for work in a hotel lobby, while they’re talking with the team and sharing documents back at the office. You won’t have to miss out on important project updates, you’ll be in the loop.


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A lot of times in the past, devices would be released and they’d either but much too big in scale, aimed at large corporate businesses or too small for the job. Video conferencing devices these days are very much scalable, being able to change depending on your situation.

This gives you the flexibility on costs, not having to fork over more just to get the entire device. Speak to your local video conferencing device provider, such as Kinly, and see how they can help you improve your workplace productivity!

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